A Letter To Hawaii’s Senators

Jerry Coffee
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Wednesday - August 01, 2007
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Dear Senators Inouye and Akaka:

Not too long ago your fellow Democrat and party patriarch, Jimmy Carter, pronounced in all his Nobel Peace Prize wisdom that George W. Bush is “the worst president in U.S. history!”

I find that particularly interesting, because a recent opinion poll shows the president’s approval rating among the American people is around 34 percent. It’s been lower, but never in the 20s. The same poll show Congress’s approval rating at 23 percent. If George Bush really is the worst president in our history, what conclusions might logically be drawn about the Democrat-led Congress, which trails him by 11 points, and how would you account for this? Perhaps it’s time for some congressional introspection.

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that mainstream America has a better, unpoliticized grasp of the stakes in our war against Islamofascist terror than does your Democratic congressional leadership. Many in Congress have been highly critical of the Iraqi parliament’s intention to take off the month of August when summer temperatures exceed 110 degrees. And given the life-and-death nature of the issues to be addressed by that body, I would agree the August break should be reconsidered.

Yet the U.S. Congress might as well have been off on vacation for the last two months considering the paucity of accomplishment on similarly critical issues. First, there was your long, contentious debate and posturing over an overly comprehensive immigration bill that was DOA for its unenforceability and blatant pandering to the Hispanic community through amnesty for illegals.

Then, your tedious, distracting, ongoing preoccupation with the U.S. Attorney General’s firing of seven U.S. prosecutors which - for whatever the reason - is well within the administration’s constitutional rights.

And worst of all, the hope and comfort you are providing our terrorist enemies with your interminable, politicized and media-abetted “debate” about the best way to lose the war in Iraq. Oops, sorry! Your leader, Harry Reid, has already determined “this war is lost.”

When your colleague, Sen. Hillary Clinton, inquired of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Eric Edelman if contingency plans were being made for a “phased withdrawal,” he responded, “premature and public discussion of withdrawal reinforces enemy propaganda that the United States will abandon its allies in Iraq (like in Vietnam, Lebanon and Somalia) unnerves those allies, and exacerbates sectarian trends.”

All true! Yet the senator’s spokesperson called this response “outrageous and dangerous”!

Clinton’s response lends credence to Thomas Sowell’s observation (National Review Online) “Peace has not been achieved in Iraq, though pacification continues ... and shows signs of progress, much to the dismay of those who have BET THEIR POLITICAL FUTURES on an American defeat.”

I am writing this letter from our nation’s Capitol, where I have been listening on C-SPAN radio to the Senate debate (punctuated by Majority Leader Harry Reid’s grandstanding Senate Slumber Party to feign urgency) on the amendment to the war funding bill that would “reposition” our troops in Iraq to strictly “counter terrorism, training the Iraqis, and have them withdrawing by April.”

Dear Senators, if you haven’t noticed, all of our combat in Iraq is already “counter terrorism,” and we have been “training the Iraqis” since day one. As I listened to the speeches in favor of the amendment, I realized it was so much rhetorical origami designed to fold America into the “paper tiger” Osama bin Laden says it is.

Twenty-three percent approval rating? Just wait until Americans see firsthand the aftermath of the defeat in Iraq your congressional leaders in both chambers seem determined to impose - 23 percent will have never looked so good.

I have quoted before the insightful words of the late

Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir, when she said, “peace in the Middle East will be achieved only when the Palestinians love their children more that they hate Israel.”

An appropriate paraphrase might be: America will win the war on terror only when Democratic congressional leaders care more about winning that war than they care about defeating George W. Bush.

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