Is Obama Hiding The Truth Of His Birth?

Jerry Coffee
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Wednesday - April 14, 2010
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A couple of months ago when Barack Obama held a non-scripted give-and-take at the Republican caucus in Baltimore, he cited the problem of a “deficit of trust” in political discourse and negotiations, a theme broached in his State of the Union address as well. But he mentioned it as if it were simply the result of common, ongoing partisan disagreements.

I’m sure the irony is totally lost on him that the responsibility for that “deficit” lies directly at his own feet.

Trust is a phenomenon that derives from honesty and transparency - values that desspite all the promises to the contrary have been sorely lacking in the Obama administration from the very outset of the presidential campaign to the present.

Nothing illustrates this more clearly than the president’s lack of transparency in the most fundamental area, his personal background.


His only “proof” of birth available for viewing is online, and is a “Certification of Live Birth” (as opposed to a “Birth Certificate”). His COLB shows neither the name of the hospital, nor the name or signature of the delivering physician, nor name of any witness.

A State of Hawaii COLB can be issued on any newborn whether they were actually born in Hawaii or not.

Local newspapers accept birth announcements for the vital statistics section from sources other than the local hospitals, and regardless of where the birth took place.

The director of the state Health Department has “certified” that Obama’s birth certificate is on record in their files but can only be released with “family approval.” Assuming this is true, why would-n’t Obama simply authorize its release for forensic authentication, thereby proving his constitutional eligibility to be president of the United States?

Just asking ...

When queried, Kapiolani Hospital refuses to produce any record of Obama’s birth or even the attending physician’s name, citing the need for - you guessed it - family approval. Strange: wouldn’t you think a medical institution would be proud to be the birthplace of a president of the United States and seek authorization from the family to capitalize on that distinction?

Just asking…

In 1967, when Barack Obama Sr. took little Barry from Hawaii to Indonesia, he enrolled him in a Muslim Madras there. But in order to do so, Barry had to become a citizen of Indonesia, which he did. When he returned in 1971 to attend Punahou, was he ever officially reregistered to again become an American citizen?

Just asking…

All of Obama’s education records remain sealed from public inspection: Punahou, Occidental College in Los Angeles, Columbia University in New York, Harvard Law School. Grades are of only secondary interest. Might Obama have registered in some school as a foreign exchange student or might some application form show a place of birth other than Hawaii? Or might some record show that he benefited from affirmative action, or scholarships reserved for foreign students, or reveal a tuition funding benefactor whom if known publicly could be a source of embarrassment?

Just asking…

It is commonly estimated that Obama has spent $1.4 million on lawyers just to fend off more than a dozen lawsuits to gain access to his sealed records. Why would he spend that much money if he has nothing to hide?

Just asking…

When Obama traveled to Pakistan in the 1980s, conditions there, as well as American/Pakistani relations, were such that American citizens were prohibited from traveling to Pakistan. Under what citizenship did he travel? Indonesian? Kenyan?

Just asking…

By just asking these questions I’m sure I will be labeled a “birther,” the derogatory term given by those who seem not to care that our president may not even be constitutionally qualified to hold the office. So be it.

But is it any wonder there is a deficit of trust?

Just asking.

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