Muslim Brotherhood’s Foothold

Jerry Coffee
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Wednesday - February 16, 2011
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Egyptian citizens carry a soldier on their shoulders after President Mubarak handed power to the army Feb. 11

There is nothing more stable than a dictatorship. Ironically, the dictatorship of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt and the stability it has guaranteed for the past several decades has worked in our favor and that of our friends in Israel, and actually for the entire Middle East.

Unfortunately, Mubarak’s reluctance to gradually democratize his reign has brought it to a very problematic end.

Sen. John McCain has just stated that, given the recent political upheaval in Tunisia and Yemen, the tenuous reign of the king of Jordan and the effect of instant communication connecting it all, we are facing some of the most dangerous possible outcomes in the Middle East in his lifetime.

The single bright spot in the situation is the historically strong bond between the Egyptian and U.S. militaries. And by handling the current situation without any major confrontation with the people, the military will continue to enjoy the esteem of the Egyptian people.

With the ouster of Mubarak last week, which would not have happened without the army, the Egyptian military can safely fill any political void that emerges from the peaceful overthrow, at least until free and democratic elections can be held.

However, the “free and democratic elections” by which Hamas was elected by the Palestinians to govern the Gaza Strip, where they have continued to launch rockets into Israel, has caused us to hedge our bets on an Egyptian election outcome.

The Muslim Brotherhood lurks in the shadow of the Sphinx.

The Muslim Brotherhood, the world’s oldest and largest Islamic political group, was founded in 1928. Although spawned in violence (it sponsored a killing campaign to reject British rule of Egypt after World War II) it has supposedly denounced violence as an organization, but it sponsors and finances violence through terrorists and terrorism around the globe.

The MB creed: “Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. The Koran is our law. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.”

The “Brotherhood” is headquartered in Egypt but has satellites around the globe, including - since the 1960s - here in the USA.

The MB has found that the social and political liberties of America facilitate the spread of Islamism. (Note: Islamism correctly identifies Islam as the political-economic-social-religious system it is, like fascism, communism and totalitarianism, it’s not just a “religion.”) The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR sounds harmless enough) is the front for the MB in America and is consistent with MB tactics of “secrecy and deception.” Much has been said in the news about the “Brotherhood” in general these past two weeks, but very little about its direct threat to the U.S.

A few excerpts from the MB strategy to Islamize all of America are both instructive and chilling:

* Expand Muslim presence through higher birth rates.

* Immigration, and non-assimilation.

* Expand boundaries and occupy more physical space.

* Control the language we use in describing the enemy.

* Ensure Muslim community knows and follows MB doctrine.

* Ensure we do not study their doctrine.

* Co-opt key leadership.

* Force compliance with Shariah at local level.

* Resist all counterterrorism efforts.

* Subvert religious organizations.

* Employ lawfare: the offensive use of lawsuits.

* Claim victimization; demand accommodation.

* Condemn slander against Islam.

* Subvert U.S. education system, especially Middle East studies programs.

* Demand right to practice Shariah in segregated Muslim enclaves.

* Demand recognition of Shariah in non-Muslim spheres.

* Denounce western society, laws and traditions.

* Demand Shariah replace Western law.

* Emphasize our work in America is a kind of Grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying western civilization from within.

Some parts of Western Europe have already been lost, and any reasonably well-informed American can see these things already happening - in varying degrees - here in America.

The Obama administration has signaled it supports the participation of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egyptian politics as long as they “renounce violence and commit to democracy.”

Hopefully, Egypt’s generals and admirals understand Islamism and the Muslim Brotherhood better than the White House apparently does!

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