Why We Must Beat Islamo-fascists

Jerry Coffee
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Wednesday - March 29, 2006
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Last week, Coffee Break drew from the speech, “A View From the Eye of the Storm,” by Mr. Haim Harari to a large multinational corporation. He brings the perspective of 200 years of family experience in the Muslim world as he outlines the utterly dysfunctional nature of the Middle Eastern Muslim countries: politically, economically, socially and culturally. He points out that Islamo-fascist hatred of America has little to do with America’s foreign policy or alliances, but simply from envy, disillusionment and self-disenfranchisement.

To quote: “The past few years have illuminated four elements of this undeclared World War III which have always existed but have never been as rampant as in the present upheaval.”

* Suicide/Murder: “Even after Sept. 11, it seems most in the Western world does not yet understand this weapon.”

In perspective, suicide/murder is relatively ineffective. Fewer died on 9/11 than die in many natural disasters which can strike just as unexpectedly. The number of Israelis killed by suicide/murder in the past three years is less than those killed in auto accidents in the same period.

“Saddam killed every month more people than all those killed by suicide/murder since the coalition occupation, and more people die from AIDS each day in Africa than all the Russians who have died at the hands of Chechnya-based suicide/murderers.”

Unfortunately, sensationalized media coverage, the visual carnage and the unfathomable cruelty tend to magnify the impact of each incident, and its effectiveness in the overall struggle. Among terrorist leaders, suicide/murder is motivated by “money, power and cold-blooded murderous incitement. It has nothing to do with true fanatical religious belief.”

And since suicide/murder simply can’t be defended against tactically, Harari emphasizes the importance of cutting it off at the head - elimination of those terrorist leaders.

* Lies: “An incredible number of people in the Arab world (apparently including the president of Iran) still don’t believe the Holocaust even happened, or that that 9/11 was not just an American fabrication - or better yet, a Jewish plot.”

Harari reminds us of the the buffoon-ish Iraqi Minister of Information who kept insisting Iraqi victory was at hand even as coalition troops were rolling into Baghdad. Al Jezeera matter-of-factly covers a Muslim “peace demonstration,” featuring posters of 3-year-old babies dressed as suicide/murderers. Harari cites the “Orwellian nomenclature” used by the terrorist organizations; suicide/murderer equals martyr,” terrorist commander equals spiritual leader. These dangerous, misleading words provide an “emotional infrastructure for atrocities.” Harari reminds us, “it was Joseph Goebels, the Nazi minister of information, who said, If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it. He is now being outperformed by his (Islamo-fascist) successors.”

* Money, channeled into three concentric circles supporting death and devastation: The inner circle - financed mostly by Iran and Syria - supports the actual terrorists themselves, their explosives, equipment, hideouts, transportation, reconnaissance and compensation to their families.

The second wider circle includes the direct supporters of the terrorists: the planners, commanders and imams (preachers), most of whom make a very comfortable living.

The third circle - financed mostly by Saudi Arabia - consists of the so-called religious, educational and welfare wing, which sometimes feeds the poor and provides schooling. But most prominent in this circle are the mosques and madrases that generate the propaganda and brainwash new generations with hatred, lies and ignorance about the non-Muslim world.

* Total disregard for law common to the civilized world: democratic freedoms, human rights, conventional rules of war with respect for religious sites and medical facilities, not using children as shields or human bombs.

So the dilemma is dealing with a lawless enemy within the law, which Harari asserts can’t be done successfully without changing our own concept of law specifically while dealing with such an enemy.

Harari says that in the short run we simply “must fight and win.” But in the longer term, the spread of Democracy - even in its most basic form - is the key. He emphasizes that the most dangerous states, Iran and Syria, are now surrounded by the nascent democracies of Iraq and Afghanistan, which along with more progressive Libya constitute 50 percent of the Muslim world - a realignment inconceivable barely five years ago.

Harari concludes: “I have no doubt the civilized world will prevail. But the longer it takes to understand the threat, the more costly and painful will be the victory.”

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