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Eddie Sherman - April 06, 2005 | Eddie Sherman | Midweek.com

Eddie Sherman

Eddie Sherman
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Wednesday - April 06, 2005
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ENJOYING THE Easter holidays in Hawaii, the whole Arnold Schwarzenegger family — wife Maria Shriver and their four kids — at their favorite holiday retreat on Maui. Those who’ve seen The Terminator on the beach say the old muscles of his youth ain’t what they used to be.


Apparently, good living and little pumping iron these days has caused the California Guv’s old shape to sag a bit … Better late than never — always. For Straub vascular surgeon Elna Masuda, it has always been a very busy and successful career. At the age of 41 she gave birth to twins — boy and girl. She and hubby (optometrist) Kevin Lui have lived happily ever after (as they say in fairy tales). Both parents are still very much career-ing along and loving their parental duties … Just nosey: Strolling along the beach in Waikiki the other day I asked a character who takes pictures of tourists with his colorful array of parrots (resting on a bird stand) why they didn’t just fly away. “Because their wings are clipped. They can’t fly,” came the answer. “Oh,” I oh’d … Jealously is a frightening thing: With all the good America does for people everywhere you’d think we’d have high marks for likability. We are hated in many countries. Many think we’re a threat to world peace. More reasons. We are richer, more influential and powerful than other nations … Ever notice: Japanese female visitors never make eye contact with strangers while strolling along. But Americans seem to scan everybody they pass from top to bottom … Waikiki sights: Long lines daily waiting to get in to the Cheesecake Factory. Hottest eatery along Kalakaua … The march of time — or, those good old days: About a 100 years ago, America was a very prosperous country. We had no national debt then and most moms stayed home to raise the kids. Today? We’re taxed out the gazoo. Building permit tax, capital gains tax, corporate income tax, dog license tax, federal income tax, gas tax, inheritance tax, liquor tax, marriage tax, utility tax, etc. It just goes on and on — as the country sinks deeper in debt. But, would you rather live anywhere else??? … These changing times: Take a stroll thru the downtown Hotel Street-Chinatown area and you’ll be surprised how many stores have shut down … Things I didn’t know about Susan Page, who also columns in this gazette: She’s a former Miss Texas and a Miss America finalist … Overheard at Waialae about a laid-back type character: “He’s the only golfer who falls asleep during his own backswing” … Sherman survey: Checking various water holes around Waikiki, most bartenders agree that the mai tai continues as number one mixed drink among locals and touristas. Beer? Bud … Soap opera stuff, but true: Back in the 1920s a young entrepreneur by the name of Bill Forman purchased the Consolidated theater chain from the vast Magoon estate that grew into Hawaii’s largest movie company and the vast Pacific Theater chain on the Mainland. Fast forward: One of the Magoon heirs, Bob Magoon, was a talented composer who wrote the music for a number of theatrical shows. One, 13 Daughters, even made it to Broadway. Because of family problems, Bob was eventually aced out of the wealthy Magoon estate and lost his fortune. He fell on hard times and moved to the Mainland. Thanks to the generosity of some good friends, especially Mike Forman, son of Consolidated’s former chief and longtime company president, Bob Magoon was able to survive. “I can never repay his generosity. He’s been such a great friend,” said Bob. Still a shareholder in huge the Magoon Estate, Bob hopes one day his fortune will be restored. Meantime, he’s planning to return to Hawaii soon to continue his musical career.


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