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Don Chapman
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August 31, 2011 - MidWeek
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A story’s impact

Thank you for selecting Adult Friends for Youth as a cover story. We are proud to be part of an honored group of people who have graced the MidWeek cover. We have received a large amount of favorable feedback, and have been pleased by it.

Our work is often misunderstood, but your story has helped get the word out that provided with opportunities, through a therapeutic approach, gang and violence you can change.

Thank for helping spread the message of mission, “helping youths believe they matter.”

Debbie Spencer-Chun

Greedy people

In response to Susan Page’s column “Don’t Overtax Small Businesses,” Obama’s definition of wealthy being anyone who makes “more than $250,000 per year” is not “overly broad.”

It’s pretty specific.

Quit playing with words. Obama was talking annual income, not net worth. In 2007 Warren Buffett paid 17 percent on an income of $49 million and his secretary paid 31 percent on $60,000.

If greedy people like Ms. Page want to keep hiding this unfair reality behind smoke screens of “class warfare,” then don’t cry when it comes to a gated community near you.

Merle Goodell

A new plutocracy

Susan Page is correct, class warfare is being waged every day in this country but it’s by the wealthy and aimed at the middle class and the poor. I wonder if Ms. Page knows of the multibillionaire Koch brothers, who spend millions of dollars on lobbyists in D.C. attempting to change federal laws that would make life easier for them at the expense of the middle class and the poor. Theirs is a well-organized war to create a plutocracy, a nation of peons ruled by a few elite wealthy.

Excuse the rest of us for fighting back to save what was once America’s greatest asset, its vast and hardworking middle class.

Mona Lee

Pay it back

Before the UH regents raise their tuition, they should first cut out the absurd $5,000 a month rent subsidy for their president, M.R.C Greenwood.

Before she came onboard she knew full well there was a classy presidential mansion waiting for her, College Hill. For free. She decided not to live in a mansion but rather somewhere else.

Hey, that’s her prerogative, but she should pay for that herself and not stick it to us taxpayers. Immediately, $60,000 a year saved, enough for six local kids’ tuitions for a full year.

Keep on saving.

Gerhard Hamm
Waialae Iki

Good writers

Once again, Ron Nagasawa was able to elicit an audible chuckle when I read his column “Mental Floss.” I’m very much impressed by writers who through their use of putting words together can cause emotional responses in their readers.

Another two who have done that in the past for me are James Clavell in his novel Shogun, where Toranaga san was falling into the crevice formed by the earthquake and he was struggling, digging his fingertips into the ground desperately clawing his way out. And Wilbur Smith’s books, whose action gets me so excited that I have to put his books down to catch my breath. I finally had to give up reading his tomes, as at my age I find I can no longer handle all that excitement.

So Ron is in good company. Thanks to him for brightening my day once a week.

Dave Thorne
Enchanted Lake

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