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Letters To The Editor

Don Chapman
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June 20, 2007 - MidWeek
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Saluting a hero

What a great cover story on HPD Officer Zane Hamrick, “Heroic Cop.”

I think of all cops as heroes for putting their lives on the line every day, but Officer Hamrick really did go above and beyond the call.

Harriet Yee


The Wie circus

Steve Murray’s column on Michelle Wie’s parents and the circus they are presenting to the golfing world is right on the dot. I feel sorry for the poor young lady who is obviously getting not the proper support from her “entourage” which is in her best interest. Greed rears its ugly head! As Mr. Murray indicated, she has turned into a brat.

She probably picked up the attitude and her snotty personality from her parents. Too bad. My family and friends no longer care or follow her career.

The young man from Moanalua High School, Tadd Fujikawa, can teach her a lesson in Ha’a he’o, Hawaiian for humility.

Lee Laquihon


Blame the parents

Golf is a game of etiquette, and it’s obvious that Michelle Wie has never been taught that aspect. One can only blame her parents.

Pat Park


Still sweet 17

Please give Michelle Wie a break - she’s still just a teenager, for heaven’s sake.

Grace Wong

Pearl City

Walk like a pro

I appreciate Steve Murray emphasizing that Michelle Wie is a professional golfer. Pros are held to a higher standard, and it’s time she started acting like a professional.

Chris Matsumoto

Hawaii Kai

Raising wimps

Michelle Malkin’s column comparing how U.S. kids and Muslim kids in the Middle East are raised was one of the most frightening things I’ve ever read. We’re raising a generation of wimps who won’t stand up for what they believe in, perhaps because they don’t believe in anything other than “self-esteem.”

Marcia White


It’s an invasion

Who is to blame for illegal immigration? Everyone who invites these Third World hordes to the U.S. and refuses to deport them, especially business and politicians. These people are the Fifth Column aiding in this invasion.

Until we start enforcing our immigration laws and deporting all the illegal aliens, all of us are in danger. This is a deliberate government decision to not enforce our immigration laws. John McCain claims that if we enforce our present immigration laws, we will have riots in our streets. Does that mean that if this reform legislation is passed there will be no enforcement for what little protection there is in it also?

Our delegates to Congress have sold us out. There can be no divided allegiance. Any person who says they are an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag. We have room for but one sole loyalty, and that is a loyalty to the American people.

And now the biggest insult to the U.S. citizen: The Senate will only show the results of the vote on the amendments to this immigration reform bill. It will not show the name of who voted for what. If you do not fight against this outrage, then you deserve what you get. It will be too late if you wait for another election. By that time you will not be able to change the downhill fall we are taking. You will have lost.

Bill Lovell


Immigration ruse

Ever wonder why President Bush doggedly pursues a law that angers a large percentage of all American workers, and a larger proportion of his own party members? Perhaps it is because the law contains more than just amnesty for the illegal immigrants. The other part is a full pardon for employers of both parties (big political contributors) for their felonies - hiring illegal entrants (with impunity and great profit), and tax evasion resulting from cash paid without Social Security, state income and federal income tax withholding.

George L Berish


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