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Don Chapman
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July 02, 2008 - MidWeek
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Mufi should listen

In an interview published in the Star-Bulletin last Thursday, Mayor Mufi Hannemann made several statements about Stop Rail Now that seem to miss the point.

The mayor discounts claims that Stop Rail Now is a grass-roots-driven effort. Rather, he alludes to the influence of “ultra-right-wing conservative organizations that have been fighting mayors all over the U.S. on rail, and they are here in Hawaii.” He goes on to make personal attacks on Stop Rail Now leadership.

Whether the mayor’s allegations are true or not is beside the point. Speaking as one who has collected signatures for Stop Rail Now, I’d like to remind the mayor that the thousands of people signing the petition are not right-wing conservative crazies from the Mainland. They are his constituents, the people who elected him. No one is holding a gun to their heads. In fact, they are actively looking for opportunities to sign the petition. I suggest the mayor listen to them.

Robert Kessler

Nuclear is safe

Nuclear power is safe and especially ideal for Hawaii. Apparently, as suggested by Bob Jones in his column “Time To Consider Nuclear Power,” there is an irrational fear that prevents any progress. Undisputedly, the physics of nuclear explosions makes it impossible for a reactor to initiate a nuclear explosion, which I think is the biggest fear.

With the cost benefit, lack of risk and lack of carbon dioxide (carbon footprint), why would anyone oppose its use?

I hope that people will write to their political representatives to show support for considering the obvious benefits of fueling our electricity needs with nuclear power. I have a Ph.D. in nuclear physics, and if MidWeek readers have questions, they can e-mail me (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)) and I will be pleased to provide them with answers to their concerns.

Rodney E. Bigler, Ph.D.

Lock ‘em up

Congratulations to MidWeek for again serving our island by publishing the “Most Wanted” cover story. And thank you to the readers who called CrimeStoppers with tips that led to a 100-percent arrest rate.

And thanks also to the volunteers at CrimeStoppers and the Honolulu police officers who made the arrests.

As editor Don Chapman said in his column, this is where “ice” leads. Hopefully seeing this story will motivate young people to stay away from drugs.

Arthur Takizawa
Pearl City

Obama = Carter

I am writing in regards to Jade Moon’s column on Barack Obama. I don’t know why she is so big on him. Being a former newscaster and having lived through the Jimmy Carter presidency, I grew up in the ‘70s, just a she did, and wanted “change” from the old Nixon/Ford administration. I had just turned 19 in 1976 and jumped on the bandwagon of “change” and decided that I, along with all the other young, naïve people, were going to make a difference. We did, and got Carter elected.

Once he did, I realized that all of his policies led to a rapid rate of inflation, much higher gas prices and sky-high interest rates. I got my first car loan in 1978 and paid a 12.5 percent interest rate. All of his tax increases on the “rich” caused prices to get so high that the $200 he saved me through “tax breaks” cost me an extra $500 or more per year in inflation. Some change! An increase on capital gains taxes, raising taxes on big business and environmental restriction costs were passed on to regular people like me, people these changes were supposed to help!

Mr. Obama wants to implement these same laws and restrictions that have already failed in the past! How naïve can one be to think these policies would work now. I was a staunch and loyal Democrat for most of my life, and the Democrats have failed me. I refuse to make the same mistake twice!

As far as race or gender are concerned, and Jade Moon wants a “first,” why not nominate and elect Condoleezza Rice? She is highly intelligent, an expert on foreign policy, speaks numerous languages and actually knows something about the economy - qualities that Barack Obama seems to be lacking. I truly believe she would make a great president.

I think Jade Moon is seeing things through rose-colored glasses. Electing Obama will not only be a mistake, it will be one we have made before.

Mark Katayama

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