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Don Chapman
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July 16, 2008 - MidWeek
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McCain’s affair

Jerry Coffee did a disservice to readers with the way he wrote about John and Cindy McCain’s relationship. The way he tells it, it sounds as if John and Carol McCain were already divorced when he met Cindy. Of course, the reality is that he was courting Cindy while still married to Carol.

This is from a recent interview in Harper’s Bazaar, talking about first meeting McCain in Honolulu: “I was standing at the hors d’oeuvre table, young, shy, not knowing anybody,” recalls Cindy, then 24 and vacationing with her parents, “when suddenly this awfully nice-looking Navy captain in dress whites was kind of chasing me around the table. I thought, What’s going on here?”

McCain had an affair with Cindy that started in April 1979. He separated from Carol later that year and Carol accepted a divorce in February of 1980. He married Cindy in May 1980. Mr. Coffee’s account makes it sound so much nicer than it really was.

Additionally, the story about Cindy that Susan Page wrote also left out the details of Cindy being arrested for stealing drugs, for her own use, from her medical charity. She was able to avoid prosecution for the charges - one wonders if special connections were involved.

And I guess that whole Keating 5 mess is too old to be remembered.

Interesting that McCain’s longtime friend Mr. Coffee left those details out - it does make for a better story, even though it is not truthful.

Nevertheless, mahalo to Mr. Coffee for his service to our country.

Carolyn Haley

Where rail leads

Everyone has a conspiracy theory. Our mayor has spent his own campaign funds to provide us with his conspiracy theory on who is behind the anti-rail movement.

According to his advertisement printed in MidWeek as well as our daily papers, these people are “ultra-conservative groups who support the automobile, bus, highway construction, urban sprawl development and petroleum industries.”

Since he is willing to share his theory, perhaps he would not mind if I share mine. I wondered why of all possible alternatives available to our city, the administration would insist on the most expensive and time-consuming option, fixed rail. Why would they be so eager to plunge the city of Honolulu into dire straits financially? I fear that if the fixed-rail project is allowed to go forward, not only will other needful projects be put on the back burner, but the exorbitant cost of building the fixed rail and limited city funds will set Honolulu up for the gambling industry to move in.

Gloria Kaneshiro

No to nuclear

In his letter agreeing with Bob Jones, nuclear physicist Rodney Bigler asks why anyone would oppose nuclear power for Hawaii.

I can think of a few reasons:

1) The market is not big enough to justify one of these behemouths.
2) The entire fuel cycle - mining, enrichment, fission, disposal - is bad for the environment.
3) Hawaii is committed to 20 percent renewables by 2020. Nuclear does not qualify.
4) It’s expensive.
5) Boiling water to spin a turbine to generate electricity is an inefficient, outdated technology. We can get electricity directly from sunshine and wind, which are abundant in Hawaii.

Regina E. Gregory

Absurd statement

What in the world happened to Bob Jones? He makes the absurd statement that the top “strict constructionists” on the Supreme Court are Thomas, Alito and Scalia! Is that why the three interpret “a well-regulated militia” as being the same as a nation of gunslingers, which has made us a violent and lawless nation?

Nancy Bey Little

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