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Don Chapman
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March 04, 2009 - MidWeek
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Illicit politicians

In his Feb. 18 column, Bob Jones argues against his own stand. He states: “I believe government should get out of the marriage business ...”

In that phrase, he is correct - government should not redefine marriage! HB 444’s description states: “Extends the same rights, benefits, protections, and responsibilities of spouses in a marriage to partners in a civil union.”

Lt. Gov. Aiona is correct. I cannot speak for Councilman Okina, but I believe the “illicit minority” should be the 33 representatives who voted in favor of this “same-sex marriage by another name” that think they can decide for the rest of the 1,283,388 Hawaii population!

Abe Evan


Rather like Hitler

My birth certificate from the Nazi-era in Germany contains a quote by Adolf Hitler, The Fuehrer, “The maintenance of the purity of Aryan blood will be the utmost important duty in your life,” meaning Aryans were to marry only Aryans.

Guess what I did. I came to Hawaii and married an Asian and put two lovely hapa-haole children into this world. Under German law at the time that would have been impossible. Adolf Hitler would have turned around in his grave if he had heard about my “trespass” later on.

But times do change. Aryans marry non-Aryans, and blacks marry whites. Wowie! People get enlightened and permit new marriages - or civil unions, as the modern vernacular calls it.

It’s time for some repressed people in our fine community to grow up into the 21st century.

Gerhard C. Hamm
Waialae Iki

Denying rights

Good grief, Rick Hamada, and all you other so-called “Christians.” What kind of religion teaches people to work so hard and spend so much much money trying to deny a group of citizens the same rights enjoyed by other? Only a very offensive religion.

Mr. Hamada’s column “Who Will Stop The Civil Unions Bill?” could have been written in the 1950s about civil rights legislation for African Americans, or before that about women’s right to vote. He is on the wrong side of history, and of human decency.

Georgia Lee
Pearl City

Let this be a lesson

I just wanted to say that I appreciate Jade Moon’s column about the singer Chris Brown allegedly beating up his girlfriend Rhianna. I am not familiar with these celebrities, but Hawaii’s youth are, so as Ms. Moon said, this is a “teachable moment.”

Our children need to be able to identify abuse, as a preventative measure. They need to know what healthy relationships are and, as Ms. Moon said, “If it hurts - in any way - it’s not love.”

Roxanne Mita


After reading Gene Tress’ letter scourging an entire family for purported transgressions of one member and confusing that family’s name with someone else, I knew someone would respond (and I would’ve joined in but was heading out of town). And someone, Burt West, did.

I was sort of in tune with Burt until his misguided, ill-founded statement that the “9/11 attack was a justifiable retaliation for our ... terrorism in the Mideast.” Geography and history aside, the “9/ll attack” was not a “justifiable retaliation” for anything, and I doubt that any of the perpetrators of that atrocity have found or are anywhere near the multitude of virginal ladies they were looking for.

Jao Ottinger

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