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Don Chapman
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March 03, 2010 - MidWeek
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Getting to the core

I would like to commend Jerry Coffee for his expose of President Obama’s mispronunciation of “corpsmen.” This “connects the dots” and proves what Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh have been saying all along: Obama is a socialist who hates the military. Mr. Coffee’s column is the most important political revelation since the days of the George H. W. Bush administration when Vice President Dan Quayle was caught mis-spelling the word potato. I’m wondering whether this could be an impeachable offense.

MidWeek should also be commended for employing such a high quality journalist/investigative reporter as Jerry Coffee. Both MidWeek and Mr. Coffee should be considered for a Pulitzer Prize for his enlightening column.

Peter Knerr


Two campuses?

Dan Boylan actually has at least 12 regular readers, as I don’t believe he knows about me.

Professor Boylan is about half right in his assertion about East Honolulu folks not giving “a rip” about their West Side citizens. I am constantly amazed at the lack of interest people all over this island have in their neighboring communities. People in Pearl City tell me they haven’t been to the Windward side in years! I live East, but have rarely ventured beyond Red Hill - what’s over there except the stadium? Ko Olina might as well be Maui for as often as I’ll drive “all the way” over there. Kids here don’t even seem to date anyone outside their own ‘hood. Geographically undesirable.

But I digress. I agree with Mr. Boylan that we all need to accept rail for the West Side. We have all voted for the same idiots in City Hall and the state Capitol, who’ve given us no choice but to improve transit alternatives from the ewa side into town. I accept that.

But what I don’t get is the whole UH-West Oahu concept. In what other state of a population our size do two major public universities sit 30 miles apart? Besides, won’t rail between that place they call “Kapolei” and UH-Manoa tend to alleviate the commuter/traffic problem? If we absolutely must concede to only having a commuter population attending university, maybe we should consider shuttering beautiful Manoa, selling it off, and putting all our eggs into UH-West, building a first-rate new campus. But two campuses? I don’t see it.

Kate McIntyre
Hawaii Kai

Just move already

At the end of Dan Boylan’s column “The Border Dividing Two Honolulus” he states, “Simply put, the majority of East Honolulu’s citizens don’t give a rip about their fellow citizens residing west of Red Hill.” As a resident of central Honolulu, I couldn’t agree more. A few decades ago, the city decided to establish the “second city” of Kapolei. I thought at the time this could be folly, as East Honolulu residents would have to commute to West Honolulu, and more detrimentally, those moving to West Honolulu would have to commute through narrow corridors to the primary employment centers of Central Honolulu.

Sometimes I watch the traffic reports on the news channels, and I really don’t have any sympathy for those complaining about being caught in a long commute. If you really want to cut your commute time, then move closer to where you work! There may some trade-off’s, but if you really hate the long commute, then move! Otherwise, quit your complaining! (Not sure if rail transit would really be a solution, but possibly.)

Joshua Kay

Leading the way

What a great MidWeek cover story on Darren Kimura and his various companies! It’s tremendous to know that American ingenuity is still alive and well right here in Hawaii in the person of Mr. Kimura. If we are to become more energy independent with a strong economy and clean environment, it will be because of good public policy combined with persistent, ethical business people like Mr. Kimura.

Daniel Laraway

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MidWeek should hire letter writer Peter Knerr as a columnist.  He is so funny.

The President mispronounced a word related to the military, so Mr. Knerr implies that means Barack Obama is a socialist who hates the military. 

His reference to former Vice President Dan Quayle’s inability to spell “potato” made me wonder if that means Mr.Knerr believes that Dan Quayle is a fascist who hates potato farmers?

And he can’t be serious about believing anything that is said by Limbaugh and Beck.  LOL.  Everyone knows better, so Mr.Knerr must be joking.

And nominating Jerry Coffee for a Pulitzer for his “expose” on President Obama’s mispronunciation?  That’s almost as good.

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