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Don Chapman
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May 05, 2010 - MidWeek
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The photo that accompanied Bob Jones’ column in the April 7, 2010 issue - of Cherissa Kane, Merrie Monarch Festival’s 2009 Miss Aloha Hula - was taken by Nick Masagatani. Photo credit for Mr. Masagatani was inadvertently omitted. MidWeek regrets the error.

Lingle disappoints

Thank you to Jade Moon for stating precisely the problem with Hawaii’s deplorable education system, among other things - a total lack of political courage. And, I might add, political vision. I voted for Gov. Lingle, hoping for some serious change in the way we do things in Hawaii. Yes, I understand that Democrats here have been the party of “no” just as Republicans are in Washington, but still ... she has turned out to be a great disappointment.

Jesse Reyes


Hamada just silly

Rick Hamada is what’s wrong with both ends of the political spectrum. In his column “Getting Salty About Government Plans,” he takes two different topics that should be a matter of serious concern for everyone - 1) government encroaching on our personal decisions and 2) salt over-consumption that creates health problems from high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes - and makes a mockery of legitimate debate. His question about FDA agents monitoring salt intake comes from the same place as the “kill grandma death panel” argument against health care. It’s a scare-tactic diversion. There is always a place for intelligent satire, but Mr. Hamada does his readers a disservice by being silly at best, and deceptive at worst.

Amy Watson

Malkin on McCain

It was hilarious watching Michelle Malkin tripping all over herself in her column “Why Arizona Must Vote Out McCain.” Less that two years after writing column after column in support of John McCain, suddenly she has seen the light and he is now a bad guy. In 2008 he was the conservative choice against Barack Obama, and now he is not nearly conservative enough. Like chickens coming home to roost, her words have returned to bite her in the okole.

Makes you wonder if she truly has a conscience, or just spews what the right wants to hear because she is well-compensated.

Dave Shimada

Minimal not best

It was with great interest that I read Jerry Coffee’s column describing his “less-than-satisfactory” results with “minimally invasive” total knee replacement performed by another surgeon.

Everyone these days is understandably captivated by the prospect of a “less-invasive” approach to a major surgery. Unfortunately, in the realm of knee replacement, “less-invasive” has led to “higher-complication” results for patients. The incidence of component malposition, tendon rupture, nerve damage, cement retention, infection and stiffness are all considerably higher in the “less-invasive” approach to the total knee than in the more traditional incision.

These facts have led the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons to officially condemn the use of “minimally invasive” techniques in total knee replacement at their most recent meetings.

One of the essential principles of any surgery is to obtain adequate exposure. Patients should be made aware that “minimally invasive” total knee replacement is essentially a marketing ploy by certain surgeons and institutions. They should always seek to avoid fads or “gimmicks,” and entrust their care to a board-certified orthopedic surgeon well-versed in the time-tested and proven methods of total knee reconstruction.

Thomas J. Kane, II, MD
Medical Director, The Queen’s Joint Center; Director,
Kane Orthopedic Institute

Pray for Obama

Does Jerry Coffee respect Barack Obama? Does he honor and pray for our president? Judy Bader raises these good questions in her letter last week. I’ve had occasions to witness Mr. Coffee’s sincere faith in Jesus and his devotion to the Bible, so I have hope that Jerry fully intends to follow the Apostle Paul’s dictum in Romans 13: “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. This is also why you pay taxes, for the authorities are God’s servants, who give their full time to governing. Give to everyone what you owe: If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor.”

It is unfortunate and patently unbiblical for Christians to disrespect and dishonor our governing authorities. Amazingly, when these words were written, the authority was the Roman emperor Caesar - not an amenable or particularly friendly administration! Still, scripture insisted on respect. Certainly there is a clear Biblical precedent and constant societal need for prophetic speaking of truth to power. This is what Mr. Coffee sometimes does. All of us have a right and responsibility to make our voices heard on issues of justice and mercy, but always with kindness and love for our political “enemies.” I am ashamed of outraged, undisciplined Christians, both left and right, who ignore God’s standard of honorable discourse indulging in hyper partisan pandering to putrid political prejudices.

Jay Jarman

How to bow

Rick Hamada should stick to issues he understands (if there are any).

In his column bashing the president for bowing to other heads of state, he writes: “In Asian cultures bowing is not just some rudimentary act. There is meaning to the bow.” True, but Asians do not apply the same standards to ignorant but well-meaning foreigners as to natives. They appreciate any attempt at a bow, however ungainly or out of context.

I was present once when a Japanese person made what I would call a kow-tow to a former employer. In that case I was surprised to find that the requirements on the “superior” were as stringent as those on the “inferior” initiator. A deferential bow that is not returned is probably more damaging to the bowee than to the bower, other things being equal.

Anyway, tell Mr. Hamada to eat lots of salt.

Dorothy I. Cornell

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