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Don Chapman
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July 07, 2010 - MidWeek
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A disaster, indeed

On 23 June, MidWeek unwittingly published an erroneous column by Rick Hamada. Mr. Hamada and I have known each other for many years, but his twisted “A Disastrous Dining Experience” column must be corrected.

I did not taste the food on the plates of Mr. Hamada and his family, but we are regular customers of the restaurant he wrote about, and have veteran culinary tastes and have been consistently pleased by this establishment’s cuisine.

My colleagues and I were present that fateful day, and we agree that it was Mr. Hamada who acted badly and his demands were outrageous and insulting. He left those at and around my table to remark that the customer is not always right.

Mr. Hamada embarrassed himself by his difficult, provocative, unChristianlike behavior, and refused himself the opportunity to stand down gracefully and apologize. He owes it to his readers, listeners and the capable, loyal and hard-working staff and sincere, normally unflappable and amiable owner of that restaurant to retract his fabrication of the event that unfolded due to his own stubborn arrogance.

In this scary economy, the last thing anyone in Hamada’s capacity should be doing is wrongfully maligning a locally owned business to satisfy his unreasonable agenda. He should be a responsible gentleman, tell the truth and apologize.

Simon Baker

Gay not a choice

I am both surprised and concerned that MidWeek allowed the letter from Christopher Roth, “Gay is a Choice,” to be published. I would welcome an intellectual discussion presenting facts about whether or not homosexuality is a conscious choice. However, Mr. Roth’s letter was based on ignorant stereotypes and misleading information. Even his own attempt at presenting some kind of fact contradicts his point of view. He states that scientist share the opinion that “... sexual orientation is shaped for most people at an early age through complex interactions of biological, psychological and social factors.” This statement does not reflect free choice. Is Mr. Roth aware that no one can control their biological makeup?

If anyone has ever known someone who is homosexual, one would realize that it is not a choice. Most people struggle when coming to terms with their homosexuality. No one wants to be something that makes them an outcast of society. One only needs to learn the story of Alan Turing, a historic crypt analyst during World War II. Despite being one of the key people responsible for breaking German naval communications during the war, he was mistreated and prosecuted for being homosexual. He committed suicide after he was forced to undergo several unsuccessful treatments to change his sexual orientation.

My main concern is that Mr. Roth does a fine job in his letter associating disturbing behaviors such as violence and pedophilia with homosexuality. He ends his letter stating that homosexuality is a destructive lifestyle. These are ignorant stereotypes. Homosexuality is not associated with these behaviors any more than a heterosexual person. I am deeply concerned that MidWeek would print such a letter that demonstrates nothing but hatred toward a targeted group of human beings. It is these type of sentiments that foster discrimination and hate crimes.

Leocadia Conlon

No exceptions

At what point in his life, I wonder, did Chris Roth decide to be straight? Prenatal? Post-natal?

It doesn’t matter - one person’s homosexuality does not affect another person’s heterosexuality. Objections to homosexuality are based on religious beliefs. I am offended by religious conservatives who try to stick their beliefs in my face.

The real issue with Bill 444 is equal rights mandated by both federal and state constitutions. The word “except” is not in there. End of story.

Not one person opposed to equal rights for any group has ever given one rational, logical common-sense reason to justify their opposition to a particular group - only bigotry and prejudice.

Bert West

McChrystal’s out

In his column “McChrystal, MacArthur Differences,” Patrick Buchanan said Gen. Stanley McChrystal was stupid because he talked so candidly with reporters for Rolling Stone magazine. I disagree.

In his mind, McChrystal probably saw he had two hard choices, knowing that the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan was a lost cause. He could continue to hold what was his position as commander of NATO forces and be forever known as “the general who lost Afghanistan,” or he could find a way out. His candid interview with Rolling Stone was that out.

For McChrystal, a battle-smart West Point graduate, losing Afghanistan was the last thing he wanted to have on his record. Guessing correctly that Obama would probably relieve him of command for talking bluntly, he chose the “lesser of two evils.”

Now he’s off the hook. Guess who’s on the hook? Obama is now going to be blamed for the final tragic scene, not McChrystal.

Stan Burns

Wave and smile

Why do I sign-wave for various politicians? Because I believe in a government “of the people, by the people” as well as “for the people.” I want my fellow citizens to know who is running, then read up on them, meet and talk to them, then wisely vote for the candidates they really believe should be in office!

I do feel sad when I get no response. But I also worry that my waving might distract drivers and cause accidents, so please don’t respond if you cannot wave and drive at the same time. But I would appreciate a smile. A smile and a honk of your horn really gives me a high!

Yoshie Tanabe

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