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Don Chapman
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November 17, 2010 - MidWeek
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Hawaii style

In his column “Hawaii Out Of Step With The Nation,” Rick Hamada has the wrong message. It was the Mainland that was out of line both in its message and its style. When has the venom, hatred, deceit, lies and secret spending been considered mainline for American politics?

Fortunately, Hawaii’s aloha spirit and concern for the greater social good on both sides helped us avoid the gutter of Mainland campaigns. Many of the attack ads that we have seen (repeatedly) were funded and produced by non-Hawaii sources.

Hawaii proves that we can disagree without being disagreeable. Hawaii, with its Polynesian-Hawaiian values as well as Asian, makes us all more aware of the contributions of others even when there are philosophical and practical differences.

Alfred Bloom

Out of touch

Clearly it is Rick Hamada who is out of touch with his neighbors.

Susan Yee

Bullying pulpit

Thank you to Jade Moon for her column on bullying. I have been reading up on bullying because it is a common occurrence even in the workplace. People are so mean these days.

I’d like to see the schools regularly and openly talk about bullying, like sex education. We all need to be informed and not just ignore “the elephant in the room.”

Lois H. Sasaic

Bed bugs: bravo

What a terrific story on bed bugs by Susan Sunderland! It was informative, interesting and well thought out. Her format would merit an A-plus from the most fastidious of professors! “Whatshername” is now remembered with great esteem as “Susan Sunderland”!

Karyn Abe

Disunited States

What planet is Susan Page from? I’m referring to her column “U.S. Needs To Be More ‘United,” in which she claims Americans have never been so divided. Ms. Page needs to be reminded that bitter division has been with us since the beginning as Federalists and anti-Federalists fought over the ratification of the Constitution, resulting in our first political parties and the Bill of Rights.

Does the violent division over the question of states’ rights vs. the power of the federal government, leading to bloody war between the states that claimed 630,000 American lives, not count as disunity?

Ms. Page goes on to claim that division within the Republican Party is focused on “issues,” not “race, class or ethnicity.” Her suggestion that race, class and ethnicity aren’t real issues and the Democrats’ focus on them is what causes division in our country further demonstrates her Pollyanna, misguided outlook. Disparities do exist in our country because of long-held prejudices over race, gender and ethnicity. They are real “issues” every bit as important as taxes and government spending. While the government cannot legislate the hearts and minds of men, it can make laws to help level the playing field so all have a fair shot at the American dream.

Ms. Page’s column is filled with baseless claims and a reliance on the mythical “good old days.” It’s surprising your paper provides space for it. She needs to take a history class before she’s allowed to preach to the masses. We are one nation indivisible despite our past, not because of it.

Kelly Blanchard

‘A’ for Buchanan

I don’t agree with many of Pat Buchanan’s views but he deserves an A-plus for his analysis of the Middle East problems. For David Broder to suggest that we should start another war (with Iran) in order to save Obama and the economy is ludicrous. Mr. Buchanan obviously sees beyond all the misinformation we are being given to swallow by the political leadership and the media, as well as the distorted reporting they disseminate.

Judith Lutfy

Looking good

Thank you so much to Jade Moon for her column on our Look Good Feel Better program. I am the lead for this fabulous service, and have been delighted with all the calls we received by interested volunteers and patients. As the mother of a cancer survivor myself, I can’t overemphasize the importance of spreading the word about available resources in our community.

Christine Hinds
American Cancer Society

Community manager, Health Initiatives

No to Lambert

I was very disturbed for all the nasty letters in response to Margaret Mills’ letter regarding Adam Lambert, and the editor’s note that no letters were received in support of her viewpoint.

Actually, there is one person who does support her principles - me.

Anyway, it is too far gone for the youth of today and no hope that they will ever improve in style and behavior, sadly, and never wear the beautiful clothes of Hawaii. I thank you ahead of time for putting this important message in the paper.

Mary A. Moore

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