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Melissa Moniz
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Friday - April 06, 2007
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Meet Na’ea Kaopua, John Taliauli, Jeremy Tekurio, Preston Paulo, Paul Battad and Tracey Niimi of Ho’okoa, an on-the-rise local group which has already made a name for itself with just the release of a single, Last Night.

“We wanted to finish the CD before our other CD gets boring and everyone gets bored of us, because was only one single,“says Taliauli,vocal-ist and songwriter.

With their full-length album Comin’ Atchya hitting stores statewide this month, they have some busy months ahead.They have CD release parties scattered across the Islands - April 7 in Hilo, April 27 and 28 on Kauai, May 4 and 5 on Oahu, May 25 on Maui and May 26 on Molokai. For more concert details, visit www.myspace.com/hookoahilo

“I like to believe that we’ll meet the expectations with this CD,“says Kaopua, vocalist and songwriter.“This CD is very dance friendly and it’s kind of a cruise-down-the-beach kind of music.”

The CD has a generous 17 tracks, featuring 11 originals songs (Rock The Show, Imagine, Saving Grace, Perfect Day, Ooh Girl, Never Leave Your Side, Lady Love, Runarounds, Secret Lover, You Know (I Love You) and Last Night), three skits and one acoustic song.

“I have a lot of free time, so I hang out and I don’t really try to write songs,” says Kaopua. “You won’t believe this,but a couple of the songs I had a dream about and I woke up with all the words and how to sing it in my head.”

With the lyrics neatly intact, friend and producer Ace Loughmiller along with the guys of Ho’okoa worked on perfecting the sound. It was a lengthy process that meant lots of studio time, but they all agree it’s worth it - it’s their passion and their dream.

“It’s not really for be famous, but just keep ‘um going,” says Taliauli. “I like the people remember us. We planning for keep going.”

Q’n A

What is the most thoughtful gesture that anyone has done for you?

Na’ea: Our parents paying for the CD. Four of the boys in our group, our parents put up the money for it. Jeremy: Ask for my autograph.

What occupation do you hope to have in five to 10 years?

John: I like be retired; that’s what I like be in five or 10 years.

Jeremy: Firefighter. I just took the test and passed the physical part and turned my application in. So I’m just waiting on that.

Paul: Maybe I’ll stay with this music thing. That’s all I can think of right now because I’m just riding the wave.

If you could be anyone else for a day, who would you be?

Tracey: I would be Jeff Gordon, so I can drive that 24 car at 200 mph. John: I would say Bill Gates. Preston: Probably my dad. I would like to put myself in his place for a day. Paul: I’d be Hugh Hefner.

If money was no object, what would you be driving?

Paul: I want to be driving a Lamborghini Gallardo.

Jeremy: No matter, as long as it goes. Na’ea: I would use whatever can get me from A to B.

Preston: One Jeep Cherokee.

Na’ea Kaopua, Preston Paulo, John Taliauli, Jeremy Tekurio, Tracey Niimi and Paul Battad
Na’ea Kaopua, Preston Paulo, John Taliauli, Jeremy
Tekurio, Tracey Niimi and Paul Battad

Who is your favorite local athlete?

Jeremy: I would have to say myself. Nah, Troy Polamalu.

Paul: Can I say myself? Yeah, cause I play basketball.

Preston: The volleyball player Allen Allen.

Tracey: Craig Kurakazu, my tennis coach!

Were you named after someone or something?

Jeremy: I was named after the Book of Jeremiah in the Bible.

John: I was named after my father’s dad. Paul: Maybe the Bible had some input.

Preston: My middle name, Kawaauhau, I was named after my great-grandfather.

Tracey: Nope, but everyone still teases me about my name!

What’s your favorite pickup line? Na’ea: I’m the lead singer in a band. Want to go back to my place? (laughs) Actually I’ve never used it. Jeremy: I’ve been together with my girlfriend for like four years so I kind of forget how to pick up girls already.

How many times have you been grounded?

Na’ea: Choke. I couldn’t even begin to tell you.

John: I never did get grounded, but I got cracks.

Tracey: I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count that one.

Paul: I’ve never been grounded.

What’s your opinion about plastic surgery?

Jeremy: I don’t really think you should do it because God made you the way he wants you to be.

Paul: Unless you’re like super deformed, then I guess you can, but if you’re like pretty or handsome then no need.

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