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Wednesday - November 14, 2007

“Do not be afraid of making changes in your lives…. Change may be difficult, but it is worth the reward. ~ Imelda “Emmie” Anderson, 2007 Mrs. Hawaii Filipina

Imelda “Emmie” Anderson is living testimonial to the fact that changes take place throughout your life; you do not have to accept your circumstances, you should never give up, - things do get better as long as you work on them. She has gone from living in a leaking hut in the Philippines to living in a beautiful home in Aiea, from being diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2003 to winning the Mrs. Hawaii - Filipina 2007; her faith and hard work have helped her overcome all obstacles.

Emmie does a radio broadcast on the KORL channel (1180 AM on the dial) to her Filipino fans, speaking to them in English, Tagalog and Ilokano. She strives to enlighten, educate, entertain and empower her listeners.

Emmie’s mother was diagnosed with early Alzheimer’s, and Emmie had to take care of her. She was also the care-giver for her step father, who was almost blind. Couple that with the normal stresses of a family life, and it was quite overwhelming. Due to the stress, Emmie resorted to comfort eating and gained weight. She reached size 18 and 175 lbs. She was ashamed to go out, and became reclusive.

In 2003, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She decided not to have an operation but to seek solace and cure in prayer. Her prayers were answered as the tumor has not increased in size, in the last four years.

Emmie was desperate to lose weight; her doctor told her being overweight may have contributed to the tumor, and losing weight would help keep it under control, and reduce the risk of further complications. She had tried different diets to lose weight, the Atkins Diet, Weight Watchers, the cabbage diet, and so on. She lost weight temporarily with all of them, but there was no long term loss.

In Aug 2005 she joined LA Weight Loss centers. They would not accept her without her doctor’s approval, which was quickly forthcoming;

the doctor believed that the regimen of natural foods eaten in moderation as recommended by LA Weight Loss would help her lose weight in the most healthy manner.

She did not find the program at LA Weight Loss difficult at all. She did not feel deprived in any way as she was able to eat her favorite foods (including pinacbet and pancit), she could even have her favorite desserts! She learnt about portion control, and the different food types. She learnt that she should eat often and regularly. In the first week she lost 5 lbs. The ease with which she lost that weight was very encouraging and she grew very excited at the prospect of becoming slim and going out again. Even though she had to eat out very often, at banquets, parties and receptions, she made healthy choices as taught by her counselors at LA Weight Loss, and did not find it difficult to stay on the plan. There was so much food to eat, that she never felt hungry. If she ever felt like eating between meals she would have an LA Lite. They were convenient and tasty.

As she lost weight her dress size went down till she reached a size 8 (after starting at size 18), at 143 lbs. She enjoyed seeing the look of astonishment on the faces of her friends who had not seen her for a while. They would ask her if she had plastic surgery, because she looked so much better. She gave her old clothes away to different charities, and pledged she would not gain the weight back; she has maintained her weight loss now for two years

Almost as soon as she started the program, she felt full of energy, like a rush of adrenalin. One of the reasons she liked the program was that it did not require her to exercise or go to a gym, though an active lifestyle was recommended. As soon as she felt comfortable being seen in public, she started walking 20-30 minutes about 3 times a week.

In the past, Emmie was a borderline diabetic, had high cholesterol and some blood pressure problems. After being with LA Weight Loss she has not had to take her blood pressure medication for quite some time, her cholesterol levels have improved and blood sugar is under control. She and her doctor under happy with the outcome, and perhaps the weight loss has helped control the growth of her tumor.

When she was overweight, she did not like to be seen in public. She said she would not have had the courage to enter the Mrs. Hawaii - Filipina Pageant, if she had not lost her weight at LA Weight Loss. She joined the pageant to help out her friend, and ended up winning the pageant in most of the categories. She was awarded Mrs Photogenic, Mrs Popularity, Best in Terna and Speech and Best in Talent for playing the Banduria.

She exhorts all her listeners and friends “Do not be afraid of making changes in your lives to solve problems. Change may be difficult, but it is worth the reward.” If the change they need is to lose weight, her recommendation is that they should try LA Weight Loss, it has worked for her and thousands of other women and men too. As she says on the radio, “For the sure way, the easy way and the healthy way to lose weight, go to LA Weight Loss Centers.”


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