Growing Older Is Mandatory… Looking Older is Optional

Wednesday - December 31, 2008

Skin care is the most exciting part of any anti-aging program. There are so many breakthrough technologies in the care of aging skin. Vitamins, phytonutrients and, other antioxidants are being formulated in lipid soluble molecular structures that enable them to be readily absorbed into the skin. Wrinkles and lines can be prevented and removed using today’s patented topical trans-dermal technologies. Skin texture can be smoothed, pores made smaller, skin discoloration and sun damage reversed. Photoaging caused by ultraviolet light exposure tends to occur on the surface of the skin. There are sun freckles or irregular pigmentation and dilated or “broken” blood vessels that lead to an overall uneven tone and discoloration.


Freckles, or “ephilides”, are small flat brown marks on the face and other sun exposed areas. They are most often seen in fair skinned people, especially those with red hair, but they are an inherited characteristic that sometimes affect darker skin types as well.

Skin pigment, or “melanin”, is made by cells called melanocytes. The melanin is diffused into the surrounding skin cells called keratinocytes. The color of freckles is due to localized accumulation of melanin in these cells. Ephilides are more prominent in summer but fade considerably or disappear in winter when the keratinocytes are replaced by new cells. Larger flat brown spots on the face and hands arising in middle age also result from sun damage. Unlike freckles, they tend to persist for long periods and don’t disappear in the winter, though they may fade. These are commonly known as age spots, liver spots, or solar lentigines.

Brown spots may fade with careful sun protection and the daily use of a broad spectrum sunscreen. Regular applications of anti-aging or fading creams containing hydroquinone, antioxidants, alpha hydroxy acids, retinoids, azelaic or kojic acid may also help. Brown spots may be removed more rapidly and effectively with the use of chemical peels, alpha-hydroxy fruit peels or, lasers that target melanin in the skin. Making blotches or unwanted freckles disappear requires regular and persistent treatment.

The popular belief that good skin is something you’re born with isn’t entirely true. In fact, experts believe that genetics account for only 20 percent of natural aging, with 80 percent thought to be from accumulated sun exposure. But for those who would rather steer clear of going “under the knife” with plastic surgery to shave off their appearance, a new arsenal of aesthetic procedures that work without visibly wounding the skin are quickly gaining popularity.

Aging skin is associated with a range of cosmetic concerns, from pigmentation problems and splotchy skin to the development of dry, dull skin, adding to an overall lackluster appearance. Other effects include a loss of collagen—which results in the thinning of the skin and loss of structural integrity or weakening of the skin. Although wrinkles are perhaps the most obvious changes that occur, enlarged pores and even acne scars often worsen as we get older resulting from the loss of collagen.

If we can remove some of the skin at an earlier age and stimulate the growth of new collagen, we might actually slow down the aging process significantly, allowing us to have healthier, better looking skin later in our golden years. Perhaps even more promising, is the idea that treating skin with lasers earlier on in our 30’s to 40’s may actually slow or prevent the skin from breaking down and appearing wrinkled and saggy as we continue to age.


Everybody’s skin is different, just as our health, genetics, lifestyle and, the environment that surrounds us has an effect on how we age. Therefore, we at Pulelehua Skin Care Aesthetics believe that what is good for one client in treating the same problem may not be good for another. So we feel it’s very important that we address the concerns of each client personally and customize a treatment that will produce the results they are looking to achieve. And, with all the different medical grade products and technologies that we’ve researched, our “Growing Older…” clients and potential clients can be assured that we are committed to the education and safety of anyone who walks through our doors.

We look forward to serving you in the new year and wish you a Happy New You!

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