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Wednesday - May 02, 2007

What is NearVision CK?

The “CK” of the NearVision CK procedure offered in Honolulu , Hawaii by Dr. Faulkner stands for conductive keratoplasty. In a CK procedure, Dr. Faulkner uses controlled radio waves to reshape the eye’s cornea to restore accurate focus. CK involves no cutting of the eye. In 2004 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved CK for the treatment of presbyopia, the decline of near vision in middle age. You’re a possible NearVision CK candidate if you’re over 45, have had good distance vision most of your life, and are tired of those annoying reading glasses. NearVision CK offers our Honolulu “baby boomer” patients a safe, quick, and easy way to have near vision similar to when they were younger.


What Happens in the NearVision CK Procedure?

On the day of your NearVision CK procedure, our Honolulu , Hawaii eye surgeon, Dr. Faulkner, will seat you comfortably and answer any questions you may have. He’ll apply anesthetic eye drops to your eye, and then he’ll perform NearVision CK. In the procedure, Dr. Faulkner gently applies radio waves to the corneal tissue covering the white part of your eye. The radio waves heat the corneal tissue, which causes it to shrink. This action reshapes the curvature of the eye so that near vision is once again in focus.

The entire procedure takes about three minutes, and most patients report immediate beneficial results after NearVision CK. We advise our CK patients that complete vision correction may take several weeks to manifest itself. After surgery, there may be some mild discomfort, which can be alleviated with drops and/or analgesics. Dr. Faulkner will thoroughly discuss NearVision CK with you and provide you all the knowledge you need to make an informed decision about the procedure.


What results should I expect from NearVision CK?

After having your NearVision CK procedure at Honolulu , Hawaii’s Aloha Laser Vision, you’ll most likely find that you are better able to focus on near objects without any drastic effect on your distance vision. After having CK, 87 percent of patients were able to read newspaper print and had 20/20 distance vision. Seventy-five percent of patients could read telephone book print and had 20/20 distance vision. And 96 percent of patients were satisfied with the outcome of their CK procedure. Because your eyes will continue age, additional CK or another form of vision correction may be necessary in the future.

Contact Aloha Laser Vision today for a free vision screening and to learn more about the benefits of the NearVision CK procedure now available to our Honolulu , Hawaii patients.

Will I feel anything during the NearVision CK procedure?

The sensation most often reported by patients during the NearVision CK procedure is the slight pressure of the speculum, which is the instrument that holds a patient’s eyelids open. Most patients report feeling no pain during their NearVision CK procedure. Some patients may experience mild discomfort after the procedure. This is treated with eye drops and/or anal-gesics. Some patients report the feeling of having a foreign body in their eye, but this usually subsides within a day of the procedure.


Can both eyes be treated at the same time?

NearVision CK is usually performed on one eye only. A NearVision CK procedure can be done on both eyes during the same appointment, however, if required by the patient’s prescription.

How quickly can I return to work?

Most of our patients who have had the NearVision CK procedure at our Honolulu , Hawaii office have returned to work the following day. If your job requires intense use of your eyes, you should allow your eyes extra rest time.

What care is necessary after the NearVision CK procedure?

After having NearVision CK, you should not expose your eyes to any water that may be unclean, such as ocean, lake, and swimming pool water. When bathing or taking a shower, keep your eyes closed to keep soap and shampoo from getting into them. In the first week subsequent to the procedure, be sure to keep sweat out of your eyes, and do not rub your eyes forcefully for two weeks following the procedure.

Can eyes previously treated with LASIK or cataract surgery undergo the NearVision CK procedure?

Many doctors in the United States and abroad now use CK as an “off-label” procedure for the treatment of presbyopia after LASIK and cataract surgery. “Off-label” means that after the FDA has approved a procedure for one use, doctors may use the treatment for other related conditions. Since 1997, in the United States nearly five million people have had LASIK surgery. Roughly 44 percent of these people are at an average age of 42 and are suffering the effects of presbyopia. NearVision CK is a safe way for our Hawaii patients to avoid the frustration of having to wear glasses again.


Can NearVision CK correct myopia?

Unfortunately, NearVision CK technology cannot be used for the treatment of myopia, or nearsightedness. Rather, CK is used to treat presbyopia, which is the decline in near vision most people experience as they enter middle age.

Are advanced technology intraocular lenses (IOLs) an option for improving near vision?

Patients who want near vision correction and are experiencing the early stage of cataract development may want to consider lens replacement using advanced technology intraocular lenses. Please visit our cataracts page to find out more.

Non-surgical remedies would include reading glasses, bifocals, or monovision contacts. Presbyopia can sometimes be corrected with monovision LASIK, in which one eye is corrected for distance and the other for near vision.

All of these options to restore your near vision are available at Aloha Laser Vision. Dr. Faulkner can help you choose which remedy will help you the most depending on your occupation, lifestyle and hobbies.

Contact Aloha Laser Vision today to learn more about NearVision CK and the other vision-correction procedures available at our Honolulu , Hawaii office.

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