Take Good Care of Your Ears - You only have two of them in a lifetime

Wednesday - September 26, 2007

While it is true that you can not see a hearing loss, it is no less of a serious health issue for over 100,000 residents of Hawaii. Hearing loss affects our senior population in greater numbers than it does the younger set. However, it is not confined to seniors alone. Recent studies indicate that more and more young folks have some degree of hearing problems too. By age fifty, two out of three people have signs of deteriorating hearing. Much of this can be attributed to the use of personal amplifiers such as I-pods and CD players. These devices can cause permanent hearing damage when the volume is cranked up too high. Keep that volume down now or hear less later.

You Hear OK, but Just Miss Some Words

There is no medical cure for this type of noise-induced hearing problem, which is often called “nerve type” hearing loss. Even a mild hearing loss can add stress to life and lead to miscommunication. This causes problems with family, friends and coworkers. Once the tiny nerve cells in the inner ear are damaged, the loss is permanent.


In the past, the only treatment for most types of hearing loss was the use of a standard hearing aid. While these instruments were a great help, they did have some shortcomings. They were not very effective in providing help in noisy places. Now there is a new technology available that raises the bar on hearing aid performance.

Patented New Solutions

This patented technology, called “nfusion”, is a groundbreaking advance in hearing care technology. It is the first hearing aid ever to use nano-science in its design. This technology enables the user to have better, more clear and more natural hearing . The result is the best hearing device available today by any standard. For the first time, users can experience the most natural hearing whether they are in a quiet room or out on a busy street. Golfing legend Arnold Palmer uses this new technology and strongly recommends it.

Whether folks are at an important meeting or a fun family gathering, they will find they hear more normally, much better and much more comfortably. And yes….. “nfusion” also takes the hassle out of talking on the phone.

The “nfusion” series of hearing aids enables the hearing impaired to enjoy hearing as they may only remember it from the past. One of the most outstanding features is feedback canceling. While many of the newest hearing aids have been able to reduce “whistling” (acoustic feedback), they were only able to offer a partial solution to this problem. This new technology eliminates this problem. Users report they enjoy the freedom of knowing the annoying hearing aid “whistle” is a problem of the past.


Like Nothing Before

Now “nfusion” digital technology is available in the latest, comfortable, open fit hearing enhancement devices. Designed to clarify speech, these super small devices are ideal for high frequency hearing problems. They do not block the ear canal but rather mix what you do hear with what you need to hear, thus adding clarity to words. Ohana Hearing Care has fully digital, open fit devices starting below $800.00. This is less than half of what you would pay elsewhere. Ohana’s low price guarantee assures buyers they will get lowest, same model, price in Hawaii.

Try It…You’ll Like It

New “nfusion” technology is available now through the caring, competent experts at Ohana Hearing Care.

Call 593-2137 for more detailed information. Ask for a free information packet to be mailed to you. It will detail the performance of this breakthrough in hearing care science. You can also visit the web site: OhanaHearingCare.com. Better yet, make an appointment to come in for a free demonstration. You or a loved one may also wish to take advantage of the exclusive “Ohana” 45 day free home trial. This would be a great opportunity to experience Ohana Hearing Care’s award winning service first hand.

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