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By Guest Writer
Wednesday - February 17, 2010

Scientists Discover ‘Gift from the Sea’ that Fights Brain Cell Aging in Adults

Madison,WI - Can a simple sea protein hold the key to preserving your memory? Scientists are saying yes! In a stunning breakthrough that could affect the lives of millions of Americans over 40, researchers have discovered a protein from the depths of the ocean that actually protects our brain cells as we age.

Robert Pastore, PhD, member of the prestigious New York Academy of Sciences, explains “as you age, you lose about 30,000 brain cells a day and that impacts every aspect of your life…how you think and how you feel.”

Recently, scientists made a significant breakthrough, locating a calcium-binding protein (CaBP) called “apoaequorin,” that can help with a healthier brain, sharper mind and clearer thinking.

Protects brain cells & memories

According to Dr. Pastore, “CaBPs are found naturally throughout the body. They bind with excess calcium in our cells and keep it from rising to toxic levels. This is known to lead to cell damage and even cell death. At around age 40, these vital CaBPs start to decrease. This may be one of the factors that results in loss of memory, forgetting names, or where you left your car keys or glasses. You just can’t concentrate like you did when you were younger.”

The jellyfish connection

Fortunately, apoaequorin is in the same family or class of proteins as those found in humans. And in a strange twist, it comes from one of nature’s simplest organisms - the jellyfish.

Recently, a cutting-edge U.S. biopharmaceutical company, Quincy Bioscience, formulated this vital protein derived from jellyfish into a product called Prevagen. It’s the first and only supplement that restores CaBP levels and protects your brain cells from the ravages of time.

“Prevagen helps maintain calcium homeostasis, the proper balance of calcium within the cells. Most of us know how important calcium is for healthy bones and teeth. But calcium plays a far greater role in our body. It’s the key element for millions of cellular reactions and essential for brain cell health.

If there’s too little calcium, you cannot think very clearly. And if there’s too much, you can’t remember. Prevagen allows you to achieve just the right balance so you retain a better memory, with more focus and concentration” adds Mark Underwood, President of Quincy Bioscience.

Healthier mind, healthier body

Just how well does Prevagen work? “Statistically, we’ve observed a remarkable 28-55% reduction in brain cell loss. Keeping brain cells alive longer results in more than just better and sharper thinking. You’ll feel more energized and even have less everyday aches and pains. When your brain cells are healthier, your whole body is healthier. It’s just that simple.”

Life-changing results

Prevagen is safe, pleasant to take, all-natural and it’s giving hope to thousands who have seen their abilities fade over time.

Prevagen is available here at Umeke Market! Visit our friendly staff to get yourself started on Prevagen!!




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