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Wednesday - May 13, 2009


My personal favorite is New Chapter’s Rhodiola Capsules. Rhodiola is an adaptogen that helps the body cope with stress. Adaptogens helps to stabilize the body by maintaining homeostasis. It increases energy during the day, improves mental alertness, and gives you a restful deep sleep. It also helps to support your adrenal glands for those who suffered from adrenal fatigue. It’s an outstanding anti-stress and immune boosting supplement and I highly recommended it for those who suffer from the daily stressors of everyday life.


I have been using this product for the past month, and notice a difference in my complexion. It feels so smooth.

Tremella, also called Silver Ear, with its large loose lobes, is very popular in Chinese cuisine and is rich with dietary fibers and Vitamin D. Used in ancient times as Qi and immune tonic, this mushroom is also highly prized as a youthful skin tonic for a healthy complexion. It is said that Imperial Concubine Yang (719-756) considered to be the most beautiful woman in Chinese history, used it for her facial maintenance.

In traditional Chinese medicine, it is used to moisten the lungs (asthma, dry cough), support cardiovascular systems and as a tonic in chronic diseases.

Raymi- Zyflamend

I wanted to take a supplement that covers a lot of ground on inflammation instead of taking a whole bunch of supplements to cover that ground. In that, I discovered Zyflamend.


Did you know that the number one cause of death is inflammation? Heart Attacks, Strokes, Diabetes, or the lesser ones; ulcers, acid reflux, and IBS (irritable bowel system). All due to inflammation.Many people think that only joints are affected by inflammation. The truth is the body’s natural inflammatory response affects everyone and every major organ system. Given the link between a healthy inflammation response and whole body health-a source of extensive and ongoing research - a supplement strategy geared toward promoting a healthy inflammation response is as fundamental as a daily multivitamin.

Zyflamend contains hundreds of bioactive constituents from ten of the most researched botanicals that promote a healthy inflammatory response. A few big hitter herbs are: Tumeric, Ginger, and Hu Zang (Japanese knot weed) also know as Resveratrol - Healthy aging, Joint health, Bone health, and Heart health.

Judi- Super Cordyceps

Over 1,500 years ago, Tibetan herders watched yaks eating Cordyceps also known as the “summer plant” or “winter worm”, observed that they had great “energy and stamina”. This encouraged the herders to experience Cordyseps themselves. In 1993 the Chinese National track and field team acknowledged their success of shattering 3 world records to their use of Cordyceps. As a result, it is considered the #1 most researched mushroom for endurance and stamina. It has been also known for nourishment for your lungs (asthmatic, vog, and smoker’s lung) and kidneys.

This is my favorite supplement for numerous reasons; when I am not working at Umeke Market, I train for marathons. It helps me with getting oxygen to my lungs for breathing and especially when you have to “dig deep” for that second wind to finish. I highly recommend it for all active and athletic people out there whom need that extra edge. You will feel a difference as soon as 30mins!!!

Here at Umeke Market we like to inform our customers about the premium products we sell by getting to know about them first hand.

Keep it healthy!!!!

20% all the above products expire 5/31/2009




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