What’s all the buzz about at ‘Umeke Market? Prevagen? What is it?

By Guest writer
Wednesday - January 27, 2010

Prevagen is the key to staving off the potentially devastating effects of decreased brain function and the onset of memory loss that many people begin to experience as they age.

At around 40 years of age most people begin to experience a marked reduction in the production of calcium-binding protein in the body. Calcium-binding protein plays a huge role in brain function. Without it the brain actually begins to shrink and you start to experience memory loss. This can also lead to dementia. Prevagen replaces the calcium-binding protein that time takes away. Prevagen turns back the clock for the brain.

Prevagen is an important supplement for retaining full capacity of the brain. In the brain, calcium-binding proteins act like a chemical sponge of sorts. Without an adequate supply of calcium-binding proteins, the brain begins to shrink, memory suffers, and good mood and the sense of well being wanes.

Many people who could be helped with Prevagen have no idea about what diminished calcium-binding proteins are doing to their ability to think and to remember. As the baby-boomer generation moves through middle age into the senior years of life, many of them are faced with the fear of memory loss and dementia. Far too many people already have these problems.

In 2008, a group of researchers was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the ground-breaking research they did in 1962. Osamu Shimomura, Martin Chalfie, and Roger Y. Tsien, studied a bioluminescent jellyfish called Aequorea victoria.

These researchers discovered that a calcium-binding protein is what makes these jellyfish glow in the dark. Shimomura named the calcium-binding protein that they discovered in these jellyfish, apoaequorin. It has since become one of the most important tools in biochemistry.

Since its discovery, apoaequorin has become vital in helping health, science, and medical research as researchers learn how cells develop in the body, how nerve cells are formed in the brain, and what happens in the brain as we age.

Quincy Bioscience has been on the cutting edge of the research and the development of this jellyfish protein, apoaequorin, for years and has taken the original research to its next logical level which is application.

The scientific and medical communities now know that apoaequorin can act in a similar manor as our own calcium-binding protein can. How can this benefit be used to help human beings? Quincy Bioscience has the answer.

Quincy Bioscience has developed an effective supplement called Prevagen, just in time to save the baby-boomers from the ravages of unnecessary memory loss and other age related issues.

Prevagen can stave off memory loss and help to keep the brain healthy. The only remaining question is how many people will have the opportunity to find out about Prevagen, and use it preventively? The clock is ticking.


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