Quick Start To Becoming A Computer Expert

By Jeffrey litvinoff
Wednesday - March 03, 2010
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By Jeffrey litvinoff
PTC Consulting LLC

Computers have become part of everyday life. Like it or not, they are here to stay. There are so many things that computers can do today; it becomes more difficult to learn and be efficient at using a computer. Do you buy books or videos? How about taking computers classes. Most people don’t have the time, money or desire to sit thru boring classes. You only need to become an expert in one thing: Search engines.

What are search engines? Google, Yahoo and Bing are the major ones. To keep it simple we will only focus on Google. Asking the right questions will get you the right answers.

For example, if you wanted to learn how to backup your files on your computer, you could type “backup up files.” That will get you thousands of responds and it would be quite hard to find useful answers. How about typing “back up my documents”. My documents are part of windows xp and you would get less responds, but more useful answers. How about typing “back up my files using Windows 7”. Now you will only get answers for Windows 7 users. Let’s try this, type “back up my files in Windows 7 using an external hard drive.” Now you are going to get answers on how to back up to an external hard drive in Windows 7.

Anything that you have questions on or just don’t understand, Google it. Have you ever wanted to learn how to burn a music cd or edit home videos? Just about any question you have, someone else had the same question and found the answer online. There are several websites that teach you about search engines. One of them is www.google.com/help/customize.html. There are many others, just do a Google search. When you get the results from your search on Google, on the upper left side you will see Web Images Video. Choose the Video, and you will get videos answers on your subject. Most of them coming from YouTube.

Search engines can also help you prevent getting virus and spyware. What if an article you were reading had a link to something you thought has interesting and wanted to check out. Before you go there, you can use Google to find out if that site is for real or an infected website. For example, if the link was to http://www.supereasymoney.com , you could type it in a Google search and if there are problems with that site, you will see it in the search results. Another example, if a box pops up and says you need to download software or says that you are infected, search it in Google.

A lot of theses pop up boxes saying that you are infected are actually fake, and are really spyware. Do not close these boxes as the close button or the"x” to close it really means yes, and bypasses your virus and spyware programs. Save anything you are working on and do a windows shutdown. When windows restarts, immediately run your antivirus & spyware programs first. You can also use Google to check out update boxes that pop up and make sure they are legit. It’s a shame we have to go thru all this mess, but there are bad people out there that want to steal your passwords and indentity to make money. If a virus or spyware does get thru, remember that PTC Consulting are experts at removing them.

Thank You for your continued support.




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