What’s The Fuzz All About?

By Jeffrey Livintoff
Wednesday - October 08, 2008
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By Jeffrey Livintoff
PTC Consulting

You grab your paper, your coffee and a comfortable chair for your sitting muscle. You turn page after page, looking for something to catch your eye. “Wait, what’s this?” You see a clever and funny ad with a great priced PC or Laptop and you say to yourself, “Self…, let’s go down to PTC Consulting(next to Comp USA), and find out what the FUZZ is all about!” You fight your way through the crowd of eager customers and find yourself staring at the LAST Dell Laptop for $499. That’s right, $499. (dramatic pause) And yes I said LAST. You see no reason to walk away from such an amazing deal. It’s clear what the fuzz is all about. After a quick fist fight with the two other individuals eyeing your laptop, you rush to the friendly PTC employee and ask them to help with your purchase.

Quickly your euphoric feeling of finding such a deal shifts towards a dreadful vision of data transfer. We all know how delicate and complicated data transfers can be. You quickly get discouraged as the thought of moving your hard drive to another computer will most certainly spell out trouble and indigestion. The operating system will crash because you have different hardware. Even under the watchful eye of a skilled technician this task can take a very long time. If you have to install everything from scratch, this means you’ll need all the original software, along with all the serial numbers and that’s just the start. Then there is all that priceless information that you probably have… (cough cough) extremely organized all over the place. (lol)

While you can copy your data (word files, pics, emails, music, etc) to a new computer, the programs require a different approach. In some cases even if you are the legal owner of these programs and have lost the serial numbers or disc, you need to buy them all over again. I know, I know, sounds depressing. But we have good news! We have been working tirelessly to come up with a solution to this upgrade nightmare. I cannot legally tell you that the PTC computer you will buy will save polar bears, end hunger, and make you smile uncontrollably, but I can tell you that we will be happy to see you, happy to inform you, and happy to assist you with your needs. I also can’t legally tell you that James Singleton from Honolulu, was able to lose 48 pounds in 2 months with a PTC built computer. James would go jogging with the PTC computer we built for him strapped to his back. He wanted something Heavy and durable he could take out on his morning jogs.

Remember… I can’t legally tell you this. (lol) But I can tell you this. LEGALLY!

Come on in and buy any laptop or pc we carry from our major manufacturers, or have us custom build you one to suit your specific needs. We at PTC have discovered a technique to copy an entire hard drive to another computer and keep all the data and PROGRAMS. It is a personal touch service that we offer to our clients in order to make upgrades painless and fun. Did I say fun? Remember that this procedure works best if staying with the same operating system. If your goal is to upgrade the operating system, then the transition will be a bit more technical. However this is not meant to discourage you. There will always be PTC to provide you with practical and effective solutions to any and all of your pc needs.

Come visit us downtown next to COMPUSA, or check out our New Store Opening in Pearl City This Fall and find out: What the Fuzz is all about!!! - Aloha.





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