Live Jazz Fridays At The Hanohano Room At Sheraton Waikiki Hotel

General manager Keith Mallini of the Hanohano Room introduces Live Jazz Friday with the smooth stylings of DeShannon Higa and his talented wife, former Broadway performer Rocky Brown, as well as other musicians. From 9 p.m., relax in the restaurant’s Cobalt Lounge with champagne and pupu specials until 1 a.m.

Publication Date: October 7, 2005

Rebecca Woodland and Chuck Crunpton - Online Exclusive Photo

Paige Yuen, Lyndsay Young, Mark Yuen, Susan Yuen, Lori Ann Tsang - Online Exclusive Photo

Rocky Brown and DeShannon Higa

Jimmy Funai, Phyllis Horner, Keith Mallini, Marcos Bastos and Jennifer Hera

David Rohner, Beatrice Goodwin, Rockford Holmes, Suzanne MacGill and Gayle Rohner

Haney Yim and Thomas Collins
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