Creed Chameleon In Pursuit Of Pure Consciousness

By keeping his lyrics real and staying true to himself, hip-hop artist Creed Chameleon became a local underground hit. Now he’s reaching out for a larger audience with a new CD

Melissa Moniz
Friday - November 03, 2006
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There’s no good versus evil when it comes to Creed Chameleon

He speaks about the truth and balancing the world he lives in

It’s the reality of life that’s thought but often never said

A single father of the year respecting the mother of his kid

An ex-gang banger and troubled kid he ain’t out to be a role model

Just a local boy coming with the conscious hip-hop formula

After a hit of some pure homegrown hip-hop - Creed Chameleon has got you hooked.

Talk about flow and execution on the mic - and his lyrics? They penetrate hard, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who hears them.

“People tell me that my lyrics are so deep,” says Creed. “I incorporate with a lot of word play and come witty with the punchline. For me, I like to incorporate a lot of different words and flip it out.”

His lyrics cover everything from being a single dad to the ice epidemic in Hawaii - it’s pure lyrical art with no censors. And there’s certainly no mention of any bling or bragging about the women he can get or the money that he doesn’t have. His lyrics are real-life snapshots that remain true to who he is and the ins and outs of everyday life.

Kristofer Rojas aka Creed Chameleon
Kristofer Rojas aka Creed Chameleon

“I’m not going to talk about things that are fake; I’m not going to talk about things that I don’t have,” says Creed. “I’m only going to talk about things that I feel in my own life and what I see and experience.”

With that said, Creed would never want his music and his image to be put in the likes of artists such as P Diddy and 50 Cent. He’s not into the whole negative battle thing, and prefers a more modest and down-to-earth approach with his music and persona.

“I come from an era when hip-hop wasn’t about all that bling - where it was all about respect, knowledge and being conscious about where you’re at,” says Creed. “Hip-hop has been so watered down within the past years.”

And as for positive vs. negative hiphop, Creed doesn’t consider his music one or the other, instead he likes to think of what he produces as conscious hip-hop.

“Positive and negative it could go other ways, so for me I try to bring out the balance of it,” says Creed. “I’m just a regular kind of guy, I go through crappy times and good times.”

Well, this regular guy has just pumped out his first CD that’s actually shrink-wrapped and selling in stores across the country as of Oct. 31.

“My other albums were all underground, where we just traded or sold it for like five bucks - ghetto style,” says Creed. “For this one I’m actually taking a step up and actually doing marketing.”

The title of his CD, Love, Potion, Cyanide, is jam-packed with as much meaning and soul as the songs on it.

“Hip-hop, especially positive conscious hip-hop, they always talk about love, and for me I do come with love, but you gotta balance it out - life is negative and positive,” adds Creed. “So what I incorporated with Love, Potion Cyanide is that I come with a formula. Some of the lyrics are venomous to the point where some people can’t handle it, but at the same time it is love. My love is trying to show people what it is and sink it in their minds that this is how life is.”

Speaking of meaning, Creed Chameleon’s name is a derivative of many meanings. Creed, meaning conscious rhythm elevating eternal divinity, and chameleon because of his aumakua (family or personal gods).

“My friend, who is full on into Hawaiian folklore, told me that my aumakua is the chameleon,” says the ‘97 Waipahu High School graduate. “At first I thought it was kind of strange, but I kind of liked it because chameleons adapt to their environment and that’s the same for me with music. I adapt to different genres and mesh it into hip-hop.”

Also like a chameleon, Creed does very well adapting to his environment. Born in Guam, Creed also lived in the Philippines and Singapore before making his home in Hawaii when he was 5. During elementary and after high school,

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That is a great mentality, I loved creed’s story, He is a MAN. Just his state of MIND.
Much props and respect to Creed…

me rONI.. hobo house on the hill records

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