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Hawaii tennis teams in the men's and women's divisions competed in October in the USTA 2007 National Championships in Las Vegas after winning the Adult League Section Championships at Central Oahu Regional Park in August.

The women's 3.5 team, Hawaii Wealth Management, (bottom) also boasted several West Oahu players. Captain Dexter Osato headed up the team: Alicia McClaverty, Colleen Oshiro of Pearl City, Carol Hasegawa of Waipahu, Daylynn Uratake, Dayna Luka of Pearl City, Leeann Canne, Laurie Arakaki, Noreen Ono, Melissa Hirano, Roseanne Ishihiro of Ewa Beach, Wendy Orita, Elizabeth Maki, Lori Morimoto, Lauren Holbrook and Melissa Tabonda of Waipahu.

Photos by Cynthia Lum.
Publication date: December 05, 2007
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