Dogging Chapman, Wimping Out

Rick Hamada
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Wednesday - December 13, 2006

There are some things in the world which do not make a lot of sense.

* Why is Duane “DOG” Chapman, bounty hunter extra-ordinaire, facing extradition and jail time for putting away one of the scummiest dirtbags on the face of the earth? Andrew Luster is a rapist. He drugged women, raped them and bragged about it to just about anybody who would listen. When things got too hot, he high-tailed it to Mexico, that utopia of high moral and legal standards. Just when he was setting up shop to continue his gutless, yet horrific assault on women across the border, Chapman vowed to catch him.

He did. But in a cruel twist, the Mexican government sees Dog as the criminal. Nice. Hopefully, there will be some common sense distributed down Tijuana way and Dog and Beth can get on with their lives.

* Why are we building a rail system that does not reduce traffic congestion? Why is there such a concerted election-like campaign under way to convince you that rail transit is the best choice? Where are the slickly produced infomercials extolling the virtues of HOT lanes or increased bus service? Has anybody mentioned there are plans on the table where one, or even both of the preferred routes won’t service UH-Manoa or people ewa of Leeward Community College?

Why aren’t we discussing the commitment (or lack thereof) to Kapolei from the city and even the state to create a real “Second City”?

There is a way to have more control over this proposal. The City Charter states that if there are enough signatures from registered voters, just about 50,000, the rail transit issue must be put to a vote in the next general election. That is the year 2008. Before billions of dollars of your tax monies are spent on a questionable public works project, wouldn’t you like to have a direct say in the matter? It’s up to you.

* How about that kid who outed the undercover cops who pinched his doctor dad for illegally selling legal drugs - and got away with it! No charges filed. No nothing.

Well, there was something. The agents he revealed are now scarred for life. No, that’s not an exaggeration. These men on the right side of the law have to deal with those on the other side. Their greatest protection is anonymity. Strip that away and you allow any crackpot psychopath to take a shot at that officer, literally. Aside from satisfying a puerile spoiled brat son’s cheap payback attempt, this case is really about sanctioned retribution. If prosecutors need more teeth in current law to allow for prosecution of similar cases, they must work with the Legislature and Congress to ensure jail time for such tawdry and dangerous behavior.

* I can’t believe there are some who say we are not at war. Here is the reality: Our enemies, comprised primarily of radical Muslims, want us dead.

There is no debate or discussion about it. There is no negotiating with a murderer who despises everything you stand for. That’s why one of the recommendations in the recent Iraq Study Group truly saddened me. The report concludes that we must sit down and talk with our enemies, especially Iran. Talk? About what? Is this supposed to be an opportunity to show the world how much we can grovel and lay prostrate before a clear and dangerous enemy?

Instead of an appeasement strategy, where we grovel and kiss the feet of our sworn enemies, we should deploy the troops and armaments necessary win in Iraq. Message to the president: Don’t wimp out! If we lose Iraq, the message to our enemies is that America is a spineless paper tiger.

Imagine if our enemies are emboldened to the point of invading America with a handful of developed nuclear devices. Then what? I’d like to see you discuss the horrors of nuclear weaponry with a crazed homicide bomber as you watch a war-tipped missile fall right on your head. I guess the conversation would be over.

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