Showing No Mercy To Child Killers

Rick Hamada
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Wednesday - July 27, 2005

The spate of child murder cases came home recently at Wheeler Army Airfield. Naeem Williams, father of 5-year-old Talia, mercilessly beat his daughter on a daily basis and finished her off with a violent push to the ground. Her small skull couldn’t take the trauma and her brain was damaged beyond repair. She died from her father’s last act of brutality.

What horrors this innocent little girl must have endured. According to court documents, Talia’s stepmother, Delilah Williams, participated in the ritualistic beatings. A belt was the weapon of choice. But Talia would learn to fight back. Her father’s wife had enough. She simply turned the beating detail over to her husband who appeared more than happy to take over where his spouse left off.

Now, what would drive not one, but two adults to the point where they believed they were justified in repeatedly thrashing their child with a belt? Because Talia wet herself. She peed in her pants. And for that, she would get beaten so badly that her blood would spatter against the walls. She would be flogged to the point where scars from previous onslaughts would “bust open”, according to Delilah Williams.

Talia was a special-education child. What difference does this make? I suppose we should nod our heads and say, “Oh, well that explains it.” The impression is that because Talia was a “special” child, then that would explain or, in some quarters, justify the actions of these two murderers. To include this information as part of the story would be akin to identifying the parents race or age or religious background. It is totally and completely beside the point. These child abusers methodically brutalized and destroyed this child’s life. Would the crime be more heinous if she were “normal”?

I am outraged and saddened at what children must suffer at the hands of adults, let alone their own parents. What could be the explanation? I am sure there is some psycho-babble that professional apologists will use to explain their “emotional disabilities” or their “cultural immaturities.” Blah, blah, blah. Here is the bottom line. These individuals are evil, purely evil. They are bereft of humane characteristics, and to call them animals would be an affront to animals. Their behavior is driven by a presence of pure, unadulterated satanic evil.

You don’t think so? Are you going to give me “they’re mentally ill and they need help to recover from their sickness”?


The Williams’ knew exactly what they were doing. Delilah Williams testified she told her accomplice not to call 911 because they “were in trouble.” That is rational thinking with a knowledge of right and wrong. It is fair to conclude they knew each time they took that belt to Talia’s back and cracked the buckle and the leather across her skin, they knew they were damaging that little girl. When the blood would flow and spray the walls, they still did not stop. They kept on beating her. That is merciless, heartless, coldblooded murder. Period. They should both die for this crime.

There is federal jurisdiction in this case and the U.S. Attorney should not hesitate in pursuing the death penalty for both Naeem and Delilah Williams. Why? This is a case of such brutal brutal proportion that our society must express zero tolerance of such barbaric acts. Are we a society that will tolerate such abuse of children? We’ll see.

By not delivering the harshest punishment for the harshest crimes then we are not only condoning the abuse of children, but we will validate the idea that children are disposable. All I ask is when this case comes to court and you hear all the sob stories about the lives of these two monsters, just think of a little girl who lived her short life knowing nothing but pain at the hands of the one person who should have been her provider and her protector. Instead, he was her killer. If the line of our tolerance is not drawn here, then where?

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