Coffee Break explores Jerry Coffee’s views on social and political issues in state of Hawaii, and the nation. Jerry Coffee was a 28 year Naval Officer and Pilot; seven years as a P.O.W. An author and professional speaker, he holds a Masters from U.C. Berkeley and a 'PhD' from the 'Hanoi Hilton'."

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The Lightning Rod That Is Tim Tebow

Wednesday - January 25, 2012
By Jerry Coffee

Twenty-three years ago, an American missionary couple in the Philippines (we’ll call them Pam and Bob) were busy doing what missionaries do: bringing souls to God. With four children already, their prayers for a fifth child were answered when Pam became pregnant.

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Time To Try Multiple School Boards

Wednesday - January 11, 2012
By Jerry Coffee

Hawaii voters should recall the 2004 re-election campaign of incumbent Gov. Linda Lingle, in which she outlined her reorganization plan for Hawaii’s education system. At that time our state was and continues to be plagued by some of the lowest math and reading scores in the nation, usually ending up in the lowest three or four. And this has gone on for years, at least all of the 37 years of my residency. Why?

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The Entitlement Generation

Wednesday - December 28, 2011
By Jerry Coffee

About 16 years ago, when our granddaughter (our first) was beginning to play soccer, we were loyal fans of her team and, like good tutu and tutu kane, we lugged our coolers and beach chairs to almost every game. Even at her young age of 6 or 7, we encouraged her to learn the values derived from teamwork and competition. But the frustration set in almost immediately: “So how many goals did you score, Sweetie?”

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Memories Of Dec. 7 And Aftermath

Wednesday - December 14, 2011
By Jerry Coffee

As I compose this column on Pearl Harbor Day 2011, my thoughts go back exactly 70 years. I was lying on the living room carpet in my grandparents’ farmhouse just beyond the suburbs of Modesto, Calif. I was enjoying my favorite Sunday comic strip, the Katzenjammer Kids.

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A Newborn Grandchild

Wednesday - November 30, 2011
By Jerry Coffee

When was the last time you cuddled a 3-week-old baby of your own lineage? As I was recently reminded, it’s the most awesome confirmation of the miracle of human life.

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