Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Melissa Moniz
Wednesday - July 25, 2007
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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Lina Girl
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As Told To Melissa Moniz

Where and with whom did you see the movie?

I went with my honey, Braddah Sam. We went to Windward Mall Regal Theaters.

Overall what did you think?

I’m a Potterfile.I am the hugest Harry Potter fan. I was a little skeptical to see this movie.

Every other Harry Potter movie except for this one I went to the midnight showing. I would stand in line with everyone else who was dressed up as Hermione and Harry Potter. But this is the first time I didn’t go to the midnight showing because some of the feedback and reviews from the Internet weren’t that good.

There were a lot of mixed reviews. But I decided I’m going to chance it anyway, so Sam and I went. Both of us read Harry Potter and watched all the movies and we both agreed that it was a great movie. We didn’t expect to see everything that’s in the book because the book is like 700 plus pages, so we knew there would be quite a lot of it left out. And then of course you always have to take into account the people that don’t read the book and just rely on the storyline.The only tricky thing is that if you’re going to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, you might want to get a little more background because it’s a new director and he shot right into the middle of the story. So you need to know who Hermoine is and who Ron is, who Cho Chang is before you watch the movie.

How does this movie compare to the other Harry Potter movies?

I would have to say it was different. I don’t want to say it was better or worse. It was different because a lot of the other movies, they set you up.This particular story was all action and to be honest I really enjoyed all the action like the spell casting, dueling, and the hall of mystery. I enjoyed all of that. I was just was surprised how short it was.

Do you have a favorite Harry Potter character?

They’re all really cool to me, but probably my No. 1 favorite would be Hermoine because she’s brilliant like me. (laughs) And she’s supposed to have bushy hair like me, but Emma Watson she’s just really cute.And I think No.2 would be Ginny and that’s because I know that Ginny’s character is going to really come out. Ginny is Ron Weasley’s younger sister and the only girl in their family.

Was there anything from the book that they left out in the movie that you thought should have been included?

Oh plenty. But I think they gave enough so you could follow what’s coming up. What it boils down to is the war between Voldemort and his death forces against everyone else. This storyline also had to work out all the kinks between Harry’s hormones. He’s a young teenage boy and he’s starting to fall in love, plus he has this nuts guy who is trying to kill him. It’s overwhelming and I think Daniel Radcliffe does really well at portraying someone who is so confused. If you ask me if I would recommend it to other people? I would on one condition, that you’ve seen the movies before or that you read the books.

Which was your favorite Harry Potter movie?

I don’t have a super favorite for the movies because I really prefer reading the books. I have yet to come upon a movie that is better than the book.I think that is because as much as movie tries to do its best, a movies are really only 2-D. And your brain is really like 5-D because you have all the 3-dimensions in your mind. So you have not only your own imagination, but also your personal interpretation based on your past experiences.Books are such great things and I’m totally all about reading. I’m a volunteer with Hawaii Literacy and I like to do the read-alongs at the schools. Reading stretches your mind and your imagination.If I had to suggest any Harry Potter anything, it would be to read the books.

On a four star rating with four being the highest, what would you rate the film?

I would probably say three stars. Definitely worth the money.

What’s your favorite movie snack?

Oh you going get me in trouble - Peanut M&Ms. I will workout for hours just so I can have my Peanut M&Ms. It is my overall No. 1 candy and if they run out I will not eat anything at the theater.

What is your favorite movie of all time?

I don’t have any one super favorite movie. But there are movies that I like watching with different people.Like I enjoy watching kung fu movies with husband. Another favorite movie that we love to quote is Princess Bride.

What’s new?

I work for KCCN FM100 in the mornings with Pipi and we start at 5 in the morning. Our big thing right now is the 17th annual KCCN Birthday Bash. That’s coming up July 27 and 28 at the Waikiki Shell.That’s going to be a huge party and super fun. Personally with me and my family, we are going to Vegas in October to celebrate my husband’s class reunion from Kahuku.Watch out Vegas, here we come.

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