National Treasure Book Of Secrets

Wednesday - December 26, 2007
By Kerry Miller
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National Treasure Book Of Secrets

Where and with whom did you see the movie?

I saw the movie at Dole Cannery and I saw it by myself.

Overall, what did you think?

I liked it. It was not a serious movie, it’s an adventure movie.The way they handle this is that it is similar to other adventure movies we’ve already seen, in which a treasure is looked for. The gimmick that this has is that instead of traveling to places in exotic cities or the jungle, all of this is taking place in the U.S., or in this particular case, the U.S. and France. Instead we are in the familiar home countries with a great many exciting things (happening) and a marvelous location where a treasure is discovered.

Did you see the first movie (National Treasure)? How does this one hold up as a sequel?

No, I did not see the first one. I could see and tell that the characters had been introduced in the previous movie, the relationships had been established.You can figure it out.

In National Treasure, there are some cheesy jokes in the dialogue that are often found in movies of this type.Were there the same type of jokes in the sequel?

There were jokes, but they were amusing.

National Treasure Book Of Secrets

What about the characters? Are they the same ones from the first? Any new characters?

It was easy to sort out who was who, who were attached to each other.There are two main couples, both of whom are estranged. In the course of the adventure, they bicker and go though whatever broke them up, and eventually get back together. That’s a nice aspect of it. The interplay of the two couples is fun.

How was the acting? Did anyone stand out?

Well, this is an adventure movie; there’s not a lot of deep emotion going on. Everybody was likeable and everybody was more than adequate in their performances. I have to say overall the plot is preposterous if you really examine it and look at it critically. If you look for holes in the plot you could find them, but there’s a lot of action and excitement, so you don’t think to make those criticisms.With a movie like this you shouldn’t.

How close to reality is the storyline for this movie? You’re a archivist - was there anything in this movie that is close to what you do? Or is it all pretty much fiction?

That’s the reason I was asked to see this, it had archival manuscripts (that were) important to the plot - that’s what keeps everything going. From a realistic standpoint it’s really foolish, the types of documents they’re finding that people pull out of their pocket. The way they were able to track down an extremely secret rare volume stored at the Library of Congress, in the real world you don’t do that. I can say that, in real life, documents do turn up that do have great historical significance, which can totally alter what we thought happened in a particular historic event. In that sense it’s not completely far-fetched. The abundance in the movie, that doesn’t happen. You won’t find a succession of incredibly rare documents in a short period of time.

Would you compare these movies at all to The Da Vinci Code?

My impression is that (The Da Vinci Code) was supposed to be a far more mysterious, dark, more creepy kind of thing. This was not like that.

On a scale of one to four stars, with four being the highest, what would you rate this movie?

I’d say it was ★★★.

Favorite movie snack?

I’m one of those people who doesn’t buy food at the theater. I haven’t eaten anything in the theater since I was a kid. When I was a kid, I ate all kinds of junk food. I can remember eating a box and a half of Junior Mints when they were in the big boxes.

What’s new?

Two things. Bishop Museum is engaged in the renovation of our main exhibit space, which is Hawaiian Hall, built in 1901. I’ve been very involved with that for the last few years.We still have a year and a half to go before it opens in June 2009. For a shorter-term situation, we have an individual gallery, the Picture Gallery. To tie in with this film, in the Picture Gallery we will display rare documents and manuscripts. None will be a key to finding the lost city of gold, however, they are still interesting.

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