Katie Young
Wednesday - May 24, 2006
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Brooksann Epicino

Movie Review with Brooksann Epicino
Petty Officer 1st Class, Public Affairs Specialist U.S. Coast Guard
As Told To Katie Young

Where and with whom did you see the movie?

I saw Poseidon at Dole Cannery Theater with my husband, Sabino.

Overall what did you think?

Overall, Poseidon was a great adventure flick. It had all the elements of adventure, unpredictable circumstances, characters you want to live, explosions, split-second life-and-death decisions and, of course, total strangers thrown together helping each other.


What was your favorite scene?

I didn’t have a favorite scene. However, the scene where Robert Ramsey (Kurt Russell) does CPR on a woman was the worst in the entire movie.That was the worst fake chest compressions I have ever seen in a movie, and to make it worse he didn’t even try but for a total of 30 seconds and gave up! I know you can’t really give a person full chest compressions if they are alive and breathing because of the damage it would cause, but couldn’t they have used a dummy for that?

Did you have a favorite character?

My favorite character was Dylan Johns (Josh Lucas) because he changed the most during the course of the movie. Before the ship rolls over, he is portrayed as a smooth-talking professional poker player trying to pick up women. He even says no at first to anyone going with him, proclaiming “I work better on my own.” As he helps this gaggle of passengers who were just strangers minutes ago navigate out of the ship, you realize he is really a hero with a heart of gold who is willing to sacrifice himself for others, if it comes down to it. Awww ... not to mention he’s not bad to look at for over an hour!

How would you rate the acting?

Overall on a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate the main actors somewhere between 7 and 8. It wasn’t the acting Oscars are made of, but they do make you care about their outcome. Some of the minor characters were at a 3 or 4, they tried too hard sometimes and it just came off as fake.

How were the special effects?

The special effects were surprisingly realistic. I had a much lower quality expectation already in my mind, but the rogue wave that flips the ship looked like actual water! The fires and explosions, especially the ones underwater, also looked real. I have seen huge propellers up close on a boat in dry dock and the propellers at the end of the movie were amazingly realistic as well.

Did the movie have a meaning?

I don’t think the movie had a deeper meaning, it was a classic: “are they going to survive these amazing set of events before time runs out?“Although several of the characters do change for the better, and I think of course there is always the message of “not giving up, no matter how bad it gets.”

What was the best/worst aspect about the movie?

The best aspect of the movie is its simplicity. The plot is not complicated, although there are a few twists. I didn’t expect it when one of the characters died. I won’t ruin it, but I thought this person was definitely going to make it.

The worst part of the movie was its simplicity. Once you have seen it once there is nothing left to see again because you aren’t left with a feeling of “Did I miss something?” It is a onetime kind of movie for me.

To whom would you recommend the film?

I would recommend this movie to anyone, although it is PG-13.There is no cussing, nudity or sexual content. It is a great first-date movie because the subject is not too heavy, but you could talk about what you think you would have done in that situation. Perfect introductory conversation.

On a four star rating, with four being the highest what would you rate the movie?

I would give this movie two and 1/2 stars. It is a wonderful action ride, great special effects and characters that you find yourself caring about.

What’s your favorite movie snack?

My favorite movie snack is a large Strawberry Coke mixed ICEE. It is the one and only thing my husband and I always buy when we go, it has been a tradition since our first movie date!

What’s your favorite movie?

I could never pick just one. My favorite movie is a any movie that keeps me interested even after it is over. My favorite movies are ones I will buy to watch over and over because they always scare me or make me laugh or make me think. It depends on what kind of day I am having.

How often do you go to the movies?

I go to the movies too much! We go almost every weekend, and when we are not at the theater we rent movies through Netflix or On Demand through my TV. Sometimes, like today, we will go to see more than one movie. I just love to watch movies - my mom says I am addicted. Amazingly, we do fit in hiking, going to the beach, sky-diving and other outdoor stuff.We are not homebodies all the time.

Who’s your favorite movie buddy?

My husband, Sabino, is my favorite person to watch movies with, even if the movie turns out to be a dud. We play word games while we wait for the movie to start and just have a great time together. We whisper things to each other about the plot or characters (always quiet enough not to disturb others) during the movie, and after we discuss what we liked/disliked. He just makes movies even more enjoyable since I don’t feel like such a nerd because he is tearing apart every detail with me.

What genre of movies do you like?

My favorite movie genre is by far the scary/horror types because I just love to be scared out of my wits. Ever since I can remember I have always liked spooky movies and books. I just love the feeling of not knowing what is going on and the pulse-pounding anticipation of seeing the monster or bad guy.

Who’s your favorite actor/actress?

I think Kevin Spacey is the most underrated and out-of-this-world actor. In his movies he actually convinces you his character is a real person. He is able to completely construct a character and makes the character separate from himself in a way few other actors do. It is not Kevin Spacey playing so-and-so, it is so-andso walking around unaware he is being filmed.

What’s new?

Personally, my husband and I will be celebrating our first year of wedded bliss in November with a “Blessing of the Rings” ceremony in Massachusetts with our family, since we married here and neither of our families could make it for the ceremony. Professionally, I just re-enlisted in the Coast Guard last month and have been transferred to teach public affairs at a joint service school run by the Army in Maryland. We will be moving to Maryland at the end of June, and I am going to miss the eternal summer of Hawaii more than I can put into words.

Next week: a new movie, a new celebrity

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