Susan's Page voices Susan Page’s views on social and political issues facing the state of Hawaii, and the nation. Susan Page, entrepeneur and founder of international fashion and photo companies, is vice president Coffee Enterprises, Inc. A military daughter, wife, and mother, Page often focuses on issues relating to our servicemen and women. She has been a MidWeek columnist since 1992.

Below are the last 5 columns written by Susan Page

Imagining Debaters In A Brawl

Wednesday - January 18, 2012
By Susan Page

In my last column, I wrote about all the reasons to be positive in the new year. Now I’m going to talk national politics.

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My 20 Years With ‘MidWeek’

Wednesday - January 04, 2012
By Susan Page

A new year is like the illusive clean closet, the one that’s been purged of the skinny jeans, which turned out to be an oxymoron, low riders that rode where plumbers dared tread, and all neon tops. A new year is but life’s empty hangers dangling there yearning for a perfect fit.

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The Precious Commodity Of Time

Wednesday - December 21, 2011
By Susan Page

In impoverished parts of sub-Saharan Africa there’s a well-known saying: “In Africa, we have no watches but have plenty of time. Americans all have watches but have no time.”

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The True Meaning Of The Season

Wednesday - December 07, 2011
By Susan Page

I hope your holiday season is going well so far. Mine’s just started. I’m already so far behind I’m considering leaping ahead to Valentine’s Day.

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Raising A Baby In The Olden Days

Wednesday - November 16, 2011
By Susan Page

If you had your children before 1980, this will come as no shock: I did not put my young children in seat belts.

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