A Fairy Tale That Can Come True

Katie Young
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Wednesday - November 22, 2006
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Once upon a time there was a handsome prince. The prince lived with his mother and father in a house near the ocean with his other brothers and sisters.

The prince was young and carefree, and did all the things other young men his age did, like playing sports, surfing and hanging out with friends.

But there was something different about this particular young prince. While his other friends were “living in the moment,” enjoying life and playing the days away, this prince was thinking about his future.

He was thinking about the princess he hoped to find one day and the family he wanted to have. But how would he support this family?

So the prince began to plan ahead. In college, instead of spending his money on a fancy new car, he invested it in the stock market. Then, a few years later, when the prince had turned a substantial profit, he decided to take that money and use it to start his own business.

The prince worked hard to grow that business - he’d work nights and weekends to make sure his bank account was filled to the brim.

About this time is when the prince met a princess. She seemed to be different from the other girls he knew, and perhaps, he thought, she was the one he had been waiting for.

So he wooed her - not with flowers or expensive gifts, but with his heart. And one day, while they were talking, the prince told the princess of his life plan:

“I have been building my castle for a very long time,” the prince said. “And it is for us, for our future.”

“But how did you know to start building your castle at such a young age?” the princess inquired. “I do not know of any other princes like you who started planning so early. Most other young men would not think ahead so far. They would see only the fun of the moment.”

The princess thought for sure that the prince’s words were a joke. She was not impressed so much by the monetary wealth of this young man, but more by his conviction in wanting to build a better future for the family he had conceived of only in his mind ... until now.

The prince explained that he had been brought up to always look at the “bigger picture.”

“And,” he said to the princess, taking her hand in his, “I was waiting for my princess to come along. Now I’ve found her.”

The princess blushed.

Other princes she had encountered had wanted to take her father’s land or inherit a plot from his parents. They hadn’t dreamed so sweetly of children and family; instead they wanted only to live out their bachelor days as long as humanly possible.

“Finally,” the princess thought, “I have found the prince of my dreams, the one I thought existed only in fairy tales. How he came about, I truly do not know, but one thing is certain: I’ll never let him go.”

“I don’t know, it sounds like a fairy tale to me,” my friend Kim says, shaking her head.

“But it’s true!” I insist. Granted, my story has that “fairy tale” feel, but I tell Kim that the story is for real. (I am recounting a tale told to me by my pal Sheila, who had been gushing about her man of one year, Spencer, just a few days ago.)

Kim is still skeptical, but also a little bit hopeful. If such a man truly exists in real life, then maybe both of us have a chance of finding her true prince after all.

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